Zhongwang CAD/CAM new edition highlights 3D mold function

Zhongwang 3D2012 has been officially launched in the near future. As a cost-effective CAD/CAM integrated software, Zhongwang 3D2012 provides digital modeling and verification methods for the design and processing of CAD/CAM users. Its functions run through modern industry. At each stage, we provide CAD/CAM integrated solutions for enterprises.

Mold is the basic process equipment for industrial production and is called the “mother of industry”. According to statistics, 75% of roughing industrial product parts and 50% of finished parts are molded by mold. Many of the items used in people's daily lives are made by molds. All plastic products, including plastic pots, plastic buckets, mobile phones, cameras, TV sets and other products. It can be seen that the application of the mold is not so wide, and its market is not small. The following is a description of the 3D2012 graphics standard and common methods.

Zhongwang 3D2012 graphics standard

As a cost-effective CAD/CAM software, Zhongwang 3D2012 supports almost all current industry standard data information formats, including: IGES, VDA, DXF, STL, Step, RD-PTC, neutral format files, UG/ ParaSolid, SAT, CATIA, DWG, etc., also provide support for the latest version of Catia V5 series format. Zhongwang 3D2012's unique Overdrive hybrid modeling technology with wireframe modeling, surface modeling and parametric solid modeling. Surface and wireframe modeling tools are based on advanced algorithms that not only generate complete geometric entities, but also have flexible control and modification. Solid modeling based on parameterization, variable and characterization means free and intuitive design. Parameters and constraints can be defined and modified with great flexibility. Not limited by the order in which the model is generated. Sketch tools use intelligent guidance techniques to control constraints. Simple interaction means efficient design and optimization. (Figure 1)

(Figure 1)

Zhongwang 3D2012 common method

Zhongwang 3D2012 provides programming functions for multi-axis simultaneous machining from 2.5 to 5 axes of complex surfaces. The rich machining strategy responds to different geometric features. Such as spiral cutting, contour cutting, spiral roughing (ie, surrounding contour), two-dimensional smooth streamline cutting (ie secondary processing), contour cutting, three-dimensional offset cutting, five-axis linkage and so on. (Figure II)

Spiral roughing, the tool moves in a straight line and a curve when approaching these two areas. With this processing strategy, the blank can be quickly removed, which is typical for roughing. (Figure 3)

Contour cutting provides two different processing strategies for layered reciprocating cutting and closed area layering around the open area for open areas. (Figure 4)

In the three-dimensional offset cutting, the tool performs the same pitch processing strategy in three directions of XYZ along the surface of the workpiece. While ensuring the surface quality of the product, it balances the force of the tool and prolongs the service life of the tool. (Figure 5)

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