Yuba lighting bad how to change this replacement is very simple

Yuba products are deeply loved by people. After a busy day, it was a happy and pleasant thing to have a bath in the United States and the United States. However, the bathroom was relatively humid and the lighting was relatively easy to be damaged. This was a problem that people had headaches. Yuba lighting bad how to change ? The following Xiaobian on this issue to give you a specific introduction, hoping to help everyone.

First, how to change the bad bathroom lighting lamp - bulb price

Must buy the same power bulb, common AC220V, 275W. Also note that it is long-legged or short-legged, and you can bring the bad light bulb to the store with a general price of 15 yuan to 40 yuan.

Second, how to change the bad bathroom lighting lamp - Note

Before the change, Xiaobian must remind everyone to pay attention to safety, because the height of the lighting installation is still a little dangerous, and at the same time, remember to switch off the power before the first power, so for your safety, for the happiness of you and your family, it is best not to A person acts alone and someone is next to the best.

Third, how to change the bathroom heater lighting bad - step

1, first you take the two Yuba lights off, with a knife at the gap in the integrated board to pick up an integrated board down. (Can take one more), the left hand into the bathroom light hole to the shell edge, right hand into the integrated top to find the part of the embedded Yuba shell, two hands gently down, the same method to take the four corners. After taking the shell of the bad Yuba lighting, the first step of changing the lamp has been basically completed.

2, for the lighting lamp step two: After the shell is removed, you can directly take the middle of the bad lights, (do not take down the entire Yuba) after processing, install a new light, you can put the Yuba shell Align the integrated gaps back and install the integrated board, it's OK. Change bath lights have been completed.

Fourth, cause the cause of bad bathroom lights

General Yuba light is very durable, not easy to bad, if Yuba light is not bright, it is likely to be due to the following reasons.

The reason is as follows: The Yuba lamp is not in good contact with the lamp holder. Just tighten the lamp and the lamp will light.

Reason two: The light bulb is broken. Replace the light bulb and the light bulb will light up.

Reason 3: The ballast of the Yuba lamp has been damaged. After the ballast is replaced, the Yuba lamp is just fine. This may require the repairman to repair.

Reason four: Yuba line fault, need to repair the circuit, after the circuit is repaired, Yuba light is better.

Editor's statement: Yuba lighting bad how to change ? I believe that after Xiaobian above introduction, we already have a certain understanding of this, basically able to successfully change the bathroom heater lighting. Remind your friends again that you must pay attention to safety when changing.


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