Xiamen University crack deep ultraviolet LED application problems

The task force under Prof. Kang Junyong of the School of Physics and Mechatronics Engineering of Xiamen University covered a layer of ultra-thin aluminum film on the surface of high-aluminum nitride nitride deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (LEDs), thus breaking the constraints of this light-emitting device. The key problem of widely used "optical extraction efficiency" is to open up new methods and ideas for the future application of such devices in medical, environmental, and military applications. A few days ago, the research results were published in the "Science Report", an online open publication covering the natural sciences in all fields of the "Nature" Publishing Group.

The so-called deep ultraviolet light refers to ultraviolet light having a wavelength shorter than 280 nm. This light source can play a unique role in water and air purification, disease treatment, information technology and other fields. However, for a long time, due to the intrinsic characteristics and preparation process of nitrides of high-aluminum components, the efficiency of extracting deep ultraviolet rays from light-emitting diodes is very low, which means that there are few parts where electricity is converted into usable light, resulting in " The loss of light energy greatly constrains the wider use of deep UV LEDs.

After several years of research, Huang Kai, an associate professor of the research team, and Gao Na, a member of the doctoral student, borrowed an ultra-thin aluminum film to solve this problem: When the research team plated a layer of ultra-thin light with a thickness of only 5 nanometers on the surface of a deep ultraviolet light-emitting diode. The aluminum film found that this layer of aluminum film not only did not reflect the light emitted by the device much like a traditional mirror, but instead cleverly collected the light emitted by the device to the side and passed through the aluminum film layer, miraculously ejecting from the front. The light extraction efficiency has been improved. (Correspondent Li Jing reporter Ma Yuehua)

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