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Buying a home renovation is a joyous and worrying thing. Due to the large number of large and small company companies, the common all-inclusive increase, price increase, and poor after-sales attitude have plagued the majority of owners, but there are still many good quality. The company is active in people's sights. Wuhan decoration company which is good? Wuhan decoration company's top ten what? Which decoration company is of good quality, good design, good service, good reputation in the decoration of the owners, a little more reliable? Do not worry, the following with me Let's analyze the ranking of Wuhan decoration companies .

Top Ten Decoration Companies in Wuhan (in no particular order, for reference only)

Wuhan decoration company ranked one: Wuhan Temple decoration

Renowned for the endorsement of Hong Kong's castor Yam Dharwara, the company occupies a land area of ​​10,000 square meters and has showrooms, drapery and other display areas. With the aim of “good service and transparent packaging”, we uphold the “renovation of real scenery, net area pricing, and one-room, one-price” decoration model, and adopt an international 3.0 V-HOME engineering system to focus on quality assembly and provide for the majority of owners. One-stop home improvement solution.

Wuhan decoration company ranked second, Wuhan, Australia and China decoration

Australia and China set decorative design, material distribution, construction and after-sales in one of the decoration companies. The overall strength is stronger. At present, the business model of “Welcome to join the province in Wuhan” has been implemented. As we all know, the joining model is a double-edged sword. How to seek balance between the protection of value and profit is the challenge facing Australia and China in the future.

Wuhan decoration company ranked third, melody Ya Ting decoration

Founded on January 7th, 2009, the name of Saint-Gobain, a top 500 distributor of French building materials, set off in the market at the beginning, but the empty head actually had virtually no specific contact with Saint-Gobain and Messing Court. Its "designer partner system" was once regarded as a laughing stock in the industry. With the poor management and market share rapidly shrinking, it can be called the "noble nobleman" in the home improvement industry.

Wuhan decoration company ranked fourth, Carnival decoration

Founded in 2003, slightly after 2011, there are currently 4 stores and less than 100 designers. The small scale is the biggest problem and contradiction at present, and the construction strength and design water need to be further improved. In the past 20 years, we have always adhered to the service system of “We only do word-of-mouth communication” [the only lifetime warranty in the country] [full-range camera surveillance] [gold drill construction qualifications] [project management six-level monitoring system] to “move customers with services and make word of mouth "Achieve brand" as the goal of the struggle, carefully build the first-line brand of home improvement services.

Wuhan decoration company ranked fifth, dragon hair decoration

Founded in 1997, China Building Decoration Association member units, the country's first batch of construction industry credit rating AAA grade, design A, construction of first-class enterprises, service network all over the country, in 2003 opened up the international market, became the first to expand overseas business Decorative company. It has won many honorary titles such as “Top 500 Chinese Brands, Top 100 Enterprises in the National Residential Decoration Industry, and Well-known Brand Enterprises in the National Residential Decoration Industry”. Longfa Decoration attaches great importance to its brand strategy and its services cover villas, affordable housing, and commercial housing, providing consumers with a full range of home-furnishing expert services.

Wuhan decoration company ranked sixth, industry peak decoration

With scientific management, strong design team, superb construction, and perfect service, it has served more than 10,000 families. Not only has it become a shining banner for the company, but it has also become a well-deserved home decoration industry vane in the decoration industry.

Wuhan decoration company ranked seventh, living home decoration

Times Union's brand, is committed to becoming the first company in Southwest China. Launched the overall package decoration series, leading the Rongcheng assembly industry standard, completely breaking the traditional package decoration low quality and low price "black ice", with its 9A project management system and quality supervision system, creating a cost-effective renovation platform.

Wuhan decoration company ranked eighth, East Yi Risheng decoration

Located in the design and construction of pure high-end luxury houses, it has formed leading advantages of scale, specialization, industrialization, branding, and grouping. With the aim of "Today's brand name, creating a century-long enterprise", the home industry chain is the main line, based on the supply of high-end home decoration design, construction, materials and furniture and accessories, real estate real estate decoration design, national franchise brand development, In a variety of research directions including industry research and analysis, the company has in-depth integration of related industries, and has built the most competitive decoration industry and brand echelon to form a strategic system and structure that can be applied simultaneously.

Wuhan decoration company ranked nine, still decorative layer

Located in the villa decoration professional service providers, service targets include: social financial elite and high-end customers. The goal is to keep Yisheng at the east for a long time, but it has never caught up, but it still has a place in the market with the decoration of individual villas.

Wuhan decoration company ranked ten, one home network

The O2O network platform for home improvement, building materials, home furnishing and other products and services has five large-scale exhibition halls and 35 experience halls covering 23 major cities. Has won the "most influential annual home improvement brand", "integrated brand in the home industry in Wuhan area", "The first interior designer contest of the Pygmy Run card construction civilization award" and other awards. As the industry's first person to eat crabs, it is the only company in Wuhan decoration company to do packaging repairs, and the only company with a wide range of offline stores, logistics, warehousing, and after-sales service.

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Wuhan Decoration Company Ranking

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