Wind planting management technology

Windproof is also called windproof and east windproof. The wind-proof is a perennial herb of the Umbelliferae family. It is rooted in medicine, and it is sweet, sweet and warm.

First, the distribution and characteristics of wind protection

The distribution of wind protection is relatively extensive, mainly produced in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities. The wind is generally 30-50 cm in height and the main root grows vertically. It is a deep root plant.

Second, the windproof planting technology

Land selection

The soil layer is deep, the nutrient content is high, and the water and fertilizer capacity is strong.

2. Land cultivation

It is necessary to apply enough base fertilizer per acre to produce 3000-4000 kg of high-quality farmyard manure, and apply 20-30 kg of superphosphate or 8-10 kg of diammonium phosphate per mu. The land is deeply turned over 40 cm, and it is suitable for squatting after deep turning. Generally, the width is 250-280 cm.

3. Breeding methods

Before the planting, the land is first irrigated, and the soil is slightly dry and turned over. It should not be too deep to turn over the ground at 5-6 cm. A. Seed propagation method: Select seeds with high maturity, full seed, high germination rate and high quality. The selected seeds are subjected to warm water soaking treatment 3-5 days before sowing, and soaking for 24 hours with warm water of 35 degrees Celsius, and soaking for 8-12 hours if warm water of 40-50 degrees Celsius is used. Remove the impurities floating on the water, remove the seeds and cover them with a damp cloth for germination. Ditch the groove at a line spacing of 15-20 cm and a depth of 2-30 cm. Sprinkle the seeds evenly in the ditch and cover the soil. The amount of seed used per acre is 2-2.5 kg. Generally, the soil is not drought and watering is not required. B. Root cutting propagation method: The roots harvested in the first year are stored underground, and the roots with fresh disease-free and thick thumb are selected. Cut the wind-proof root section into small sections of 3-5 cm. The depth of the trench is about 6 cm and the line spacing is about 20 cm. Plant a piece of cover soil every 5-10 cm. If the soil is dry, water it once. Seed propagation method can usually be emerged in 20 days, and seeding propagation method can generally be carried out in 13-16 days.

Third, field management

The first stage: mainly the growth of shoots and leaves in the upper part of the ground. During this period, the root development rate is slower from the beginning of April to the beginning of June. After emergence, loose soil should be carried out. After 15-20 days of emergence, the seedling height should be 3-5 cm or so. When the seedlings grow to a month or so, the seedling height reaches 10 cm or more and the seedlings are fixed at a distance of 20 cm.
The second stage: the root development period is the fastest growing period of root growth throughout the growing season. Usually from mid-June to late September. The cultivating and weeding is about 15 days, and the vigorous period is generally 8-10 kg per acre and 3-5 kg ​​of potassium sulfate.
The third stage: the end of growth and development, the growth rate of rhizome decreased significantly during this period. It is usually from early October to mid-November.

Fourth, pest control

Powdery mildew: spray 25% powder rust 800 times solution or 50% carbendazim 500 times solution every 7-10 days at the beginning of the disease, and spray 2-3 times continuously.
Huang Feidi: In the young age, it is sprayed with 90% trichlorfon 800 times liquid, sprayed 7-10 times, and sprayed 3-4 times continuously.

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