What is the material of the blister panel? How to distinguish the quality of the blister panel

Now the decoration materials are really all sorts of things, so many people who do decoration really don't know what to choose. For example, materials like cabinet doors are all kinds. At present, more people use this kind of suction. Plastic door panels are capable of meeting consumer needs in all aspects. The following Xiao Bian will introduce to you the blister board material and how to identify the quality of the plastic door.

What is the material of the blister board?

What is the material of the blister board? Generally speaking, there are two kinds of blister materials. One is non-environmental protection such as PVC, and the other is more environmentally friendly such as PP, PS, and PET. Of course, these materials are also divided into There are several kinds, but those non-environmentally-friendly materials used in PVC are more environmentally friendly. In general, this kind of material is also called export. If you want to be cheaper in terms of price, the key is to target your product. For different products, we must choose the right material to do the job, to say cheap, for example, can do with the PS do not choose PET, can use 0.3MM thickness does not choose 0.5MM thickness, personal feel this That is, it is cheaper to say that the absolute kind of material is based on the current market price of raw materials. Basically, it will not be too different.

How to distinguish the quality of plastic door

1, PVC film is rich in color, and it is also doing well in the wood grain lifelike effect, and its strong sense of three-dimensional, pure color monochrome, and this material is generally not cracking, deformation, resistance to scratch, resistance Heat, stain resistance, fade resistance, and environmental friendliness are a good product.

2, blister door pattern design is more and more, and this door panel after the plastic molding it can be sealed around the door as a whole, so that the door panel does not require secondary sealing edge, so you help solve some After the edge of the board is sealed, problems such as open glue and dampness will occur.

3, Blister door It uses the general thickness of PVC film is 0.15mm-0.45mm, for example, like the price of imported German is relatively expensive, South Korea, Japan and joint venture products will be better, the relative domestic is relatively cheap .

4, and like some good quality plastic blister door substrate is not easy to deformation, and environmental protection performance is good, if you look from the appearance is also more delicate, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, high temperature, with flame-retardant properties. However, the difference in quality is not the same. This type of blister door panel is easy to deform, has a rough appearance, and is scratchy. Therefore, the quality of the plastic door is also critical.

5, the quality of the substrate directly determines whether the plastic door has the ability to eat nails twice, it is necessary to know its ability to hold the nail and the degree of deformation of the finished blister board and the environmental performance of the finished blister board. In general, like a good plastic door base material in the density and the ordinary base there are still some differences, the resolution method is to select the same size of small pieces of plate, weighing it can be seen that its people are good or bad, generally It is said that the blister panel with high density is relatively good for holding nails, and the deformation will be relatively small.

Summary: What is the material of the blister board and how to identify the quality of the blister door panel? In this regard, the blister board we know is now used more than one material, and the market is also a lot of, in the selection time must be Learn to discern quality.

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