What harm does excessive nitrogen fertilizer have on crops?

In the previous section, when the crops were not properly grown in the absence of nitrogen, the leaves were dull, the leaves turned from green to yellow, and the tillers were less, and they did not grow. In the end, they were small spikes. If the nitrogen fertilizer could be supplemented in time, these symptoms would be very soon disappear, to normal growth, but there is a certain limit nitrogen fertilizer, not better, once the excess nitrogen is unfavorable for the growth of crops, such as wheat and rice, if excess nitrogen fertilizer, they will be growing too strong, There are many large and large leaves, and the number of inefficient tillers will increase. The plant shape will increase relatively, causing early lower shade, which will bring two major hazards: First, due to the increase of the leaves, the lower humidity and temperature are relatively improved, the ventilation is not good, and the conditions are provided for the disease. Second, the group increases, and the stems of the ineffective tillers will fall, causing severe reductions in production.

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