What are the purchase techniques of ceiling keels?

Ceiling keel is an indispensable decoration material in modern home decoration. It has the functions of frame, cohesion and stability, and each ceiling has different methods and materials. So, what kinds of ceiling keel has it? What skills does in the selection of the ceiling joists? Below small take you to get to know about it.

What kind of ceiling keel are there

1. What are the types of ceiling keel-light steel keel

Light steel keel is now a very common decorative material. This material is made of galvanized sheet material, which is then cold-pressed and pressed. Only this material is used to suspend the ceiling, which is both fireproof and very good. Decorative effect. In addition, the light steel keel will not be affected by the season, and the construction is very simple and fast.

2. What are the types of ceiling keels-wooden keels

Wood keel is a material often used in home decoration. It is mainly used as a bracket. This material is mainly used in the manufacture of suspended ceilings and partition walls. It has strong nail holding power, easy installation, and good decorative effect. And advantages, it is very suitable for connection with other wood products.

3. What kinds of ceiling keels are there-alloy keels

The alloy keel is also a commonly used material in interior decoration. It has the characteristics of support, fixation, and beauty. This material is made by improving the iron paint keel. After the improvement, there will be no rust or discoloration. , And its strength is very high and also has a very good decorative function.

How to buy ceiling keel

1. The purchase skills of ceiling keel-color

When selecting the ceiling keel, pay attention to its color. If it is a galvanized keel, its color will be dull and no metal, and the color of the painted keel will be more vivid. It will be bright, and the metal feel is very strong.

2. Selection skills of ceiling keel-buckle relay

Generally, the galvanized keel and the painted keel will have a stronger relay, but it depends on what material they choose. The stainless steel keel will be stronger than the previous two, and the relay will be better than the white iron skin material.

Article Summary: What about the ceiling joists are several tips and purchase ceiling keel of small series introduced here, I hope for your help. When choosing a keel, you can choose it according to its method of use and the needs of the construction site. Want to know more about the morning, please continue to pay attention to this website.

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