What are the characteristics and methods of use of ceramic tile anti-slip agent tile anti-slip agent?

Many floors in our lives today are tiled and look neat and beautiful. However, it is not enough just to look good, but also to see its anti-skid performance. However, many ceramic tiles on the market do not have anti-slip effect. At this time, anti-slip tiles are needed to make up for the lack of it. Here's a small series together to find out what is the tile anti-slip agent and tile anti-slip agent characteristics and use.

First, what is a tile anti-slip agent

Tile anti-slip agent is a colorless, non-toxic and odorless water-soluble liquid. It has superior penetrating power and can effectively infiltrate into tiles and stone capillary channels. The chemical effect of the tile anti-slip agent can make the pipe wider. When the water or oil is in contact with the sole of the foot, a physical sucker can be formed, and the friction of the ground is enhanced to achieve the anti-slip effect.

Second, the characteristics of tile anti-slip agent

(1) After anti-skid treatment, it will not change the original appearance of the tile and will not damage the ground, and it will also make the floor look cleaner.

(2) Spray once, regular use frequency can maintain 5 years of anti-slip effect, lasting effect

(3) The tile anti-slip agent is a polymer water-based polymer that is non-pollution to the environment and does not produce residues that are harmful to the human body after use.

(4) The construction is simple and convenient, suitable for popularization, indoor and outdoor use.

(5) The surface friction coefficient before and after use can be increased from the general 0.2-0.4 to 0.7-0.9, and the more slippery the ground, the more significant the effect.

Second, the use of tile anti-slip agent

(1) Before using tile anti-slip agent, first flush the floor, then use a brush to clean the dirt and grease on the floor, and then rinse the ground with water to wait for drying.

(2) Spread or spray the tile anti-slip agent evenly on the ground (if you need to spray the product on a large area, please divide the surface into several areas in advance and divide the construction in order to avoid the unbalanced effect caused by the simultaneous construction.), Waiting 8 - After 15 minutes, rinse with water twice. While cleaning, brush with bristles 2 to 3 times until the surface of the brush is clean. (usually need to stay 8-15 minutes, different floor materials with different processing time)

Summary: The features and usage methods of what is a tile anti-slip agent and a tile anti-slip agent are introduced here, and I hope to help you! For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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