Waterproof knowledge of home decoration materials

In the home decoration, the choice of materials should be cautious, not only the quality of the decoration materials, but also its waterproofness can not be ignored. Many times, the waterproofing of the bathroom requires special attention. We know that the bathroom is often exposed to water. If not handled properly, it will affect our daily life. For the waterproof knowledge of home decoration materials, the following is a detailed introduction.

Home decoration, such as kitchen, bathroom, etc. It is recommended to use mortar waterproofing agent, such as Lao Yaer mortar waterproofing agent, all the friends around are using drops, the effect is not bad, because the traditional drip waterproof material requires the construction base moisture content to be less than 9%, while the kitchen, bathroom and so on are relatively humid, the building base surface is difficult to meet this requirement, after construction, it is easy to appear the separation of the waterproof layer and the base surface "two skins" phenomenon, thus losing the waterproof effect. The Laurier mortar waterproofing agent can be directly applied on the wet base surface, which not only reduces the process but also guarantees the quality.

First, why do you want to waterproof

The renovation of new houses will inevitably require hydropower transformation, which will inevitably destroy the waterproof settings made by the original developers. In order to strengthen the waterproof setting, protect property security and avoid neighborhood disputes, the renovation of new houses must be waterproof.

Water is pervasive. For places that often come into contact with water in the bathroom and kitchen, as long as there is a leak in one place, water will form in the floor and leak into the downstairs, affecting the neighborhood, which may cause serious property claims and A legal dispute has occurred. Secondly, if you refill the waterproof, it will be about 3-5 times waterproof before the renovation.

What are the main parts of home improvement waterproof?

The floor and wall of the toilet, the floor and wall of the kitchen, the balcony, all the floors and walls of the first floor, the ground floor and all walls of the basement should be waterproof and moisture resistant.

Whether it is a prefabricated or cast-in-place roof, waterproof construction should be carried out in accordance with relevant national regulations.

1. Base surface requirements: The base surface is cleaned up, the water content is not more than 9%, and the level is compact. The nodes are tidy and complete, meeting the requirements.

2. The first waterproof layer

(1) Laying a flexible waterproof layer, and selecting a coating or a coil can be used. The construction conditions require that the moisture content of the base surface is not more than 9%, so it is suitable for summer construction after the weather is hot and clear for 5 days. After completion, the water storage experiment should be done.

(2) If the coating is waterproof, take “one cloth and two coatings” as an example: after cleaning the base layer, brush the coating once, dry it into a film, and lay a layer of glass brazing material to enhance the material, and have been flattened. The surface is covered with a layer of paint and fixed, and after drying, the next coating is applied. The total thickness of the waterproof coating should be more than 3 mm.

(3) If the waterproof coil material is used for construction, after cleaning the base layer, the adhesive is glued on the reverse side of the coil and the base layer, and the base line is adhered from far and near according to the elastic reference line, and the seam is finally checked and processed.

(4) The second waterproof layer: laying a rigid waterproof layer, should be constructed about two days after the completion of the first flexible waterproof layer, mainly with high-grade fatty acid mortar waterproofing agent, cement, sand, fine stone aggregate, fiber For basic materials, the thickness of the waterproof layer should be 20-30 mm.

A Install the grids according to the specifications, set the grid to 4000mm*4000mm, then sprinkle the water to moisten the base, but no water

B According to the order from far to near, first high and then low, the prepared mortar or fine stone concrete shall be constructed one by one, and the same division shall be completed once, and the compaction shall be smoothed.

C After initial setting, remove the dividing wood strips, calender and correct the dividing seams.

D The gap is sewn with a flexible sealing material to treat the surface. Pay attention to watering and maintenance after the construction is completed.

E If there is roofing planting soil, the planting soil should be covered in a short time.

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