Watermelon seedling pest control technology

The primary diseases of watermelon seedlings are blight, stagnation, and leaf diseases (such as blight, anthracnose and bacterial leaf spot). Prevention and control of blight, sprayed with Rui Miaoqing; anti-smashing disease, spray with Plex, can also be used in the soil cover seedlings in advance; anti-leaf disease, can be used for Ami (azoxystrobin, phenyl ether) Bis-cycline) + agricultural streptomycin may use amisida (azoxystrobin) + Shigao (phenyleconazole) + acacia copper.

In the seedling stage, the drug is generally used less. It is necessary to guarantee a good medication habit. Once the phytotoxicity occurs, the alkaloids should be mixed in real time. The amino acids may be humic acids, which may be used to alleviate the phytotoxicity.

In addition, most of the current seedlings are given to small nursery sheds. On the wetness, the rice husks can be laid in the rows of sheds, and the corn stalks can be placed on the back wall, which not only strengthens the heat preservation of the shed, but also regulates Humidity inside the shed. In the evening when the weather is not good enough to allow the wind to be too large, the straw can absorb too much water vapor in the air, and eliminate the humidity of the atmosphere and the condensation of the film, thus reducing the possibility of disease infestation and spreading. On a clear day, the straw will evaporate the absorbed water and dry it out, re-appearing.

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