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【Abstract】In a complete rescue system, rescuers, drowning persons, bystanders, lifesaving products and the surrounding environment are all complementary and closely linked. Lifesaving products are particularly important when the rescuer implements a series of rescue activities for drowning people. Most of the existing market will start with lifesaving products such as lifebuoys , lifesaving airbags, etc., and the devices for storing these lifesaving products are often omitted. Negligently. Therefore, this article will look at the rescue results from another life-saving perspective --- the storage of water lifesaving products. Hopefully, it will help in improving the life-saving waters.

【Key Words】 Water lifesaving; Storage method


With the development of economy, driving by car has become more and more popular, and the surrounding waters have become the darling of current tourism. Therefore, the problem of lifesaving in water areas has increasingly become the focus of social concern. In the moment of life and death of lifesaving, how many erotically feats have been created and how much regret it has caused, and how many of these regrets are due to inadequate public facilities? We cannot guarantee the rescue ability of the rescued person, can not control the favorable factors of the surrounding environment during the rescue, and eliminate the unfavorable factors. However, what we can do is to implement a series of devices related to lifesaving to perfection and ensure the quality of lifesaving products. Starting from taking life-saving products, we will reduce the rescue time and improve the life-saving efficiency.

1 Status Analysis

1.1 Status of water rescue

Lifesaving products are an important part of the basic life-saving facilities in urban waters and are indispensable components for ensuring the safety of people's lives. At present, the most researched and designed lifesaving facilities are lifesaving products such as lifebuoys and lifesaving airbags, but there are less research designs on the storage equipment of lifesaving products.

If the lifebuoy is exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, its maintenance will be neglected. Even if the lifebuoy has the best quality, the life-saving effect will be degraded, thus increasing the risk factor of the water area. November 19 15 am, Anhui Foreign Economic vocational school students killed when He Jiuchun jump in the lake to save a suicidal woman. The young man actually couldn’t swim , but he saw the situation critically pick up the buoy around the lake and jumped. Unexpected, life buoy rupture, He Jiuchun disappeared in the water. It is a tragedy that the life of the youthful teenager was severed because of the problems in the lifebuoy itself. When we mourn this incident, we should reflect on why the life buoy was broken during the rescue. For this reason, I summed up several possibilities. The quality of the lifebuoy itself is poor, and the storage and protection devices for the lifebuoy are not reasonable at all times, and related personnel do not check and maintain it. If, after ensuring the factory quality of the lifebuoy, the storage device that protects the lifebuoy is particularly important, this can not only reduce the rejection rate of the lifebuoy, but also play a key role in the rescue.

1.2 Status of Water Saving Storage Devices

Most of the existing life ring storage methods are to suspend the life ring in open air (as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2 ) . The life ring storage method in Figure 1 and Figure 2 is very similar, Figure 1 is

The fixed hanging hook is fixed on the railing, and the whole life ring is hung on the fixed hanging hook. However, in order to make it easier for the catcher to grip the rope, the life ring is prone to tying knots and is not easy to comb, FIG. 2 shows the rope on the life ring. Suspension, so as to solve the problem of rope tying and other problems in the storage method of Figure 1 , but this way of storage will focus all the weight on the rope body, there will be further requirements for the selection of the rope. In general, these two storage methods are easy to pick up, but at the same time there is a common problem that is placed in the open air, the long-term sun and rain will increase the retirement rate of the life preserver, so this way of storing there is still a certain Disadvantages.

Today, there are also some lifebuoys that are not placed in a suspended manner. They are put into a device (Figure 3 , Figure 4 ). Figure 3 is to put the lifebuoy throughout and reduce the fixed hooks to the lifebuoy. Destructive, but it still uses open-air placement, which does not solve the problem of high scrap rates, while Figure 4 puts the lifebuoy in a device called a life-saving box, although it is put into a closed environment. Avoiding the sun and the rain, but this storage device will increase the time to take out the lifebuoy during the rescue, which reduces the survival rate of the drowning person. As the saying goes, the difference is insignificant. It is a thousand miles, not to mention the life of a person.

2 storage device design considerations

The storage devices we design and widely use are not just a place to put a lifebuoy in place, but also to facilitate rescuers to rescue drowning people, to fight for a minute by one for the drowning people, to strive for greater survival rates and to avoid regrets. What happens when we design the storage device?

2.1 Protect life buoy

Due to the uncertainty of the environment, we cannot control the weather. Therefore, as I mentioned above, in order to reduce the rejection rate of the lifebuoy, the storage device must have certain protection measures, such as designing the storage device as an effective one. The protected space is best to be isolated from sunlight and to reduce the aging problem of lifebuoys accelerated by sunlight, so that the tragedy caused by the rupture of the lifebuoy during the life-saving process can be minimized.

2.2 Shorten life-saving product take time

According to reliable data, the latest emergency time for people falling into the water is 6 minutes. The golden time for drowning rescue is 2 to 5 minutes after the water falls . If the drowning person can be saved ashore during this time, there is still hope of surviving. Once the drowning person's heartbeat stops more than 6 minutes, it is difficult to hope for survival. Even after being rescued ashore after 6 minutes, the nervous system after rescue will leave a disability due to lack of oxygen. Specifically, within 1 to 3 minutes after falling into the water, symptoms of hypoxia will manifest: dizziness, headache, tinnitus, vertigo, weak limbs; or nausea, vomiting, palpitation, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat. Powerless. After that, it will gradually increase: it is prone to confusion, full body skin, lips, cyanosis, blood pressure, dilated pupils, and coma; severe cases can even cause breathing difficulties, cardiac arrest, hypoxia suffocation and death. If the supply of oxygen to the brain is completely interrupted, consciousness will be lost within 8 to 15 seconds, and irreversible damage will occur within 6 to 10 minutes. Therefore, shortening the ambulance time and allowing more time for rescuers to rescue are the first steps in our lifesaving design.

Therefore, from the moment of taking the lifebuoy to the entire life-saving process, it is possible to do everything possible to reduce the consumption of the time. This requires that the lifebuoy can be quickly and easily picked up, for example, the storage device can be set. For the device that can automatically eject the lifebuoy, the rescuer can avoid some behaviors caused by the more or less panic in the heart, reduce the number of actions such as opening the storage device and taking the lifebuoy to shorten the time.

2.3 Increased visibility

In the surrounding waters, when a falling water accident is encountered, the lifesaving equipment can be found within the first time . This is critical. If the lifebuoy is not exposed in the surrounding area, it requires a device to store the lifesaving equipment, which can give the rescuer some assistance. Tips can help the rescuers find the first time, you can design from the storage device's shape, color, etc., quickly attracting rescuers found. For styling, it can be designed to match the shape of the life buoy, so that it is convenient to place the buoy, but also can be seen at a glance in the shape of the product is a storage device for lifesaving products, or can design some obvious on the storage device Identification of the identification, to facilitate the rescuer to identify. Color has an irreplaceable role for other languages ​​and languages. It can express various information beyond obstacles caused by different languages, ages, and levels of education. When the human eye recognizes a variety of different colors in front from a distance, its identifiable order is red, green, yellow, and white, that is, red is the first to be seen. When the two colors match together, it is easy to identify the sequence: black and yellow, black and white, blue and white, black and white, etc., in the design of the storage device, can select the appropriate color.

2.4 Expand the rescuer population

When faced with a drowning incident, salvation and salvation will become the focus of public opinion. A person who can't swim will face an inner struggle under this condition. If he chooses not to save his life, he may be condemned by the outside world. But when he thinks about it carefully, it is understandable if he chooses to do so. There may be a tragedy for two people drowning in the rescue of the water. If this is the case, he can notify the surrounding people to participate in the rescue in the most effective time. There is still some life, so it seems that there is an alarm on the lifebuoy storage device. The device is also particularly important. The position of the sirens also needs to be considered for different groups of people (kids, old people, etc.), so that no matter who encounters this situation, they can exert their strength.

3 Summary

Falling water accidents occur every year. While strengthening the defense measures for falling water, we also strengthen the improvement of lifesaving facilities. The role of the lifebuoy in the lifesaving process is decisive, but the integrity of the entire lifesaving process must not be overlooked. The process of obtaining life-saving tools in the installation is also very important. Less time is wasted, and it is time for those who fall into the water to gain some time. The rational design and placement of the storage device also determines whether the lifesaving can be completed efficiently, allowing onlookers to participate in the rescue, so that those around them can know the situation of falling water for the first time, make every effort to improve the survival rate.

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