UK rooftop PV project encounters property mortgage

Many people in the UK currently rent the roofs of their homes to solar energy companies, so they can get free access to electricity. However, people gradually find that after signing the contract plan, it is difficult for the houses to be sold or mortgaged.

According to the British "Guardian", a couple from Southampton complained that their re-mortgage application has been rejected by several companies on the ground that the company has allowed other businesses to install solar panels on rooftops for the next 25 years. . Although the mortgage loan companies they use now recognize the solar PV contract plan, they worry that if the house is sold in the future, it will be difficult for buyers to apply for the bank.

The "Rent Roof" plan has caused some controversy. The John and Rebecca Wiltons just installed solar panels at the end of 2011. Businesses claim that solar panels generate about 150 euros of free electricity each year, and that merchants are responsible for paying all installation costs. In return, the company can obtain "on-grid tariff" profits, which is equivalent to 10 times that of residents. (1 euro is about 8.44 yuan***)

Rebecca said: "Before signing the contract, we consulted both the mortgage company and the mortgage advisor. They said that the contract will not have any impact on the future sale of the house or re-mortgage." But when the couple plans in February this year, When the house was re-mortgaged, because of the solar energy contract, the company that it had already found was lost. Afterwards, the Wiltons found the All England Housing Society and even failed to submit their applications.

John said: “We signed the contract because we think that doing so is conducive to environmental protection, but it has become our nightmare. We cannot remortgage the house at low interest rates, and we must change the interest rate according to the Bank of England’s standards, making it very difficult. Find home buyers. I believe there are many people who will encounter the same problems as us."

"The Guardian" said that as companies began to cash in on the "on-grid tariff" policy, the solar lease contract was fully promoted last year. Some of the more formal companies communicated with customers' mortgage companies and reached consensus. However, most of them did not do so. Only a few customers have now replaced the mortgage companies, so the problems have not yet fully exploded.

The British Merchants Association issued a working guide for solar suppliers and mortgage companies last year, but did not receive enough attention from the mortgage department. For suppliers, the contract lasted for 25 years, so it was not possible to deal with the solar panels on the roof in such a long time. They had a certain impact on them. The only way was to transfer the solar panel contract to the house buyer. Body. In addition, once the contract expires, the solar panel is forcibly reclaimed, which will also cause great trouble for the mortgage company.

According to Sue Anderson of the British Traders Association, "We cannot overinterpret a case. Different mortgage companies have their own rules and regulations. I have not heard that there are any policy requirements that cannot be met with solar energy contracts. Real estate re-mortgage."

Sarwar Ahmed, director of Norton Energy Solutions, said: “The banking sector needs a clear policy on this issue. Although the UK Housing Society rejected the Wiltons’ remortgage application, they are very willing to join The customers of the solar energy contract plan offer**. The couple can spend 15,000 Euros to buy out solar panels, which may solve their problems."

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