U.S. Develops New Aluminum Battery Charging in One Minute

U.S. Develops New Aluminum Battery Charging in One Minute

Researchers at Stanford University in the United States have developed a high-performance rechargeable aluminum battery that is low in cost, large in capacity, foldable, non-flammable, long-lived, and environmentally friendly. The most attractive thing is that charging can be completed in just one minute.

The researchers wrote in a report published by the British magazine "Nature" that alkaline batteries are harmful to the environment, and lithium batteries occasionally have a risk of fire. This rechargeable aluminum battery may replace the current storage devices. In general, a lithium battery needs several hours to charge, and an aluminum battery can be charged in less than one minute. After about 100 cycles, the rechargeable battery is almost "end of life." Lithium batteries may support 1,000 times, and Stanford University's storage capacity of this aluminum battery is still destructive after 7500 times, and its service life is "bumpy."

Of course, aluminum batteries are not perfect. The researchers said that due to the limitations of the existing technology, aluminum batteries have a low voltage rating, only half that of ordinary lithium batteries, and they need to increase their rated voltage and energy density.

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