Tool hardware needs brand positioning and proves brand core value

Hardware tools to establish their own brand, to find out their strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and **, as a basis for detailed brand planning, the brand as a strategic approach to drive the company's development, not just a slogan or appearance. This is what we often call brand positioning. Reasonable brand positioning is the key to the development of the company, especially for FMCG.

As a hardware tool company for industrial products, the position of its own is not detailed, and often presents a trend driven by products, technologies, or channel models. For example, our company basically likes to emphasize quality, or certain brand chain, etc. Can not be called a reasonable position. Reasonable positioning is based on the consumer market and characteristics. The hardware industry currently has a serious marketing error, that is, all marketing strategies have seen the channels too heavy, as if the company’s products have been transferred to dealers, which is in fact the result of our company’s over-eagerness and quickness to scale up.

After the company has done a good job of planning, after determining the brand positioning and core values, it will find all the resources that can prove the core value of the brand and spread it through various channels.

For example, when the author once provided marketing consulting and planning to Shanghai Changqing Deke Power Tools Co., Ltd., he established the company based on the industry status of the company and the cognitive characteristics of the distributors and users of Dirk. "China Power Tools Experts" brand positioning, and then around such a positioning to constantly enrich the company's support point, with the relevant industry associations, universities and research institutes established the "China Power Tools Institute", settled in Evergreen, and then improve the company's test The testing room is a good support for the brand positioning of China's power tool experts. After six months of implementation, all aspects of the company have been upgraded in the minds of the original distributors, which effectively promoted the listing and promotion of the company’s new products, and then combined with the company. The integration and promotion of the store's image, cooperation with various media, and the planning of public relations events have resulted in the rapid expansion of the brand awareness, reputation and loyalty of the Dirk brand.

In order to visually compare the advantages and disadvantages of the company in brand building, the author gives an example. Bosch and Great. The success of Bosch in China can be said to be particularly inevitably, especially Bosch's brand strategy and strategy are exceptionally accurate and effective. Technology is the brand's core value of Bosch, and the brand idea of ​​science and technology to achieve the beauty of life has become an example to follow in the industry. Then Bosch began to set up Chinese laboratories, research and develop new products, hold regular media presentations, organize design competitions, and event marketing models such as sponsorships and patrols in vocational schools, effectively supporting Bosch Technology Driven’s brand perception and Lenovo.

Let's take a look at DaYe, this brand with strong R & D and production strength in the past few years may also become China's first local brand of electric tools, but due to improper marketing strategy, coupled with the successful listing of Rui Qi, the brand has almost It is impossible to exceed Rui Qi again. Regardless of its channel strategy, product line, etc., but in terms of brand, this company has many resources for storytelling, but it does not speak well. First: establish a joint venture with Bosch. This event can fully bring China's status as the leader in the technical strength of China's electrical tools, and it can also make consumers feel that they are in line with the world. Here, there is no article; there are many great products, but there is a lot of confidence that their products will speak, after all, it is not Apple, even if Apple also through a series of public relations behavior for the listing of the market ah.