Today, Laizhou held an emergency drill

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In the afternoon of May 30th, Laizhou City Bus Company of Yantai organized a summer fire emergency exercise drill at the bus parking lot.

Before the start of the exercise, the responsible person of the Laizhou City Bus Company gave detailed explanations on the causes of the car fire, how to use the fire extinguishers in the car, and how to organize evacuation.

After the explanation is over, it will enter the actual combat stage. A bus full of passengers was in transit and the rear compartment of the vehicle caught fire. After discovering the passengers in the carriage, they shouted, "The vehicle caught fire." After the driver discovered the fire, he immediately stopped and turned off and opened the door. Due to the peak value of off duty, there are more passengers in the car and the crew is more crowded. The driver informs the passengers loudly: “In the event of a fire in the vehicle, passengers are required to retreat from the security gate in an orderly manner. Do not be congested. Don’t panic. Passengers near the window location may Use safety hammers on both sides of the compartment to break windows to escape." Passengers evacuated the vehicles in a safe and orderly manner under the command of the driver. The driver then organized the passengers to use the on-board fire extinguisher to carry out the rescue and immediately called the fire alarm “119” to report the situation to the company. Five minutes later, with the gradual weakening of the fire, the fire emergency response drill was successfully completed.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Laizhou City Bus Company, the buses are prone to fire hazards due to continuous operation, especially during the high temperature seasons in summer. For high summer temperatures, the company organizes personnel to carry out safety inspections on all operating vehicles, focusing on strengthening the vehicle facilities. , Direction, brake, leakage, leakage, leakage, diesel leak, leaking oil, etc. were investigated, and problems were immediately rectified to prevent the occurrence of safety responsibility accidents. Finally: Why do you need to perform such exercises? It is to further improve the ability to respond to emergencies, enhance employees' awareness of fire safety and prevent self-rescue, and ensure the safety of vehicles in summer.

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