To warm the ground to suppress the important part of warm acceptance

Nowadays, floor heating is no stranger to everyone. Many families have already installed floor heating. However, some families have not yet had time to enjoy the comfort and warmth brought by warmth. The family is “splendid,” for the reason, or to warm the floor. The water heater and floor heating pipes are leaking, or the floor heating pipes are broken. Experts advise the user that when installing the inspection room, the installation company must perform the floor heating pressure test to check whether the floor heating system is leaking.

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Warm pressure test should pay attention to observe the change of the pressure gauge number. If the number of the pressure gauge does not change, it means that the floor heating pipeline is in good condition; if the pressure gauge's number declines slowly, it shows that the floor heating pipeline is likely to have a drip; if the pressure is not at all , indicating that the valve is not closed, that is, there is a problem with the floor heating pipe.

Install a floor heating system to select a professional floor heating company. A professional floor heating company can selectively select various insulation materials and control systems according to the structure, orientation, and layout of the user's room to effectively reduce various problems that occur after the floor heating is suppressed. In addition, the floor heating pipes need to be cleaned after 3-5 years of use. This is not an ordinary family and it requires a professional heating company to construct.

Warm pressure

Hand to teach you how to warmly suppress.

1. Slow water injection through the water separator, while the air in the pipe is discharged.

2. After being filled with water, check for watertightness.

3. Use a manual pump to slowly raise the pressure.

4. After boosting to the specified test force, stop the pressure and adjust the pressure for 1 hour to observe whether there is any water leakage.

5. After one hour of voltage stabilization, the pressure is compensated to the specified test pressure value. The pressure drop within 15 minutes does not exceed 0.05 Mpa without leakage. The floor heating system has not been debugged and is prohibited from operating.

6. Prior to the warm-up pressure test, safe and effective fixation and protection measures shall be taken for the pressure test piping and components.

7. The test pressure should not be less than the system static pressure plus 0.3Mpa, but not more than 0.6Mpa.

8. In the winter warmth pressure test, reliable antifreeze measures should be taken.

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