To love to go to the end of marriage must be attached to the bedroom Feng Shui

From acquaintance to love to lover finally married, this is the emotional end of life, is the highest level of emotion. The continuation of human life began here, and new families were born. In real life, everyone sees that married couples are not all so beautiful and happy. Some people get married soon after they live together, and some feel that the other person does not love her as he once did; The two people felt that the common language was becoming less and less; some were constant wars; some even labored and dispersed soon.

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The main causes of these phenomena are the following: First, it is the two sides of the eight-character numerology. (This is often something that everyone cannot understand, because people only see the appearance of things and do not explore the causes of things. Actually, there are many intangible things in the world that affect us, such as wind, waves, radiation, etc. This will be discussed later)

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