The rusted screw should be replaced and the screw should be tightened.

Operated with a single stage pump. When the resistance of the ash pipe is large, it is necessary to use the two-stage series pump to operate, and the liquid-pitch shift adjustment should not be adopted. The diameter of the cutting impeller can be used and the valve throttle can be used to adjust the pump flow. Measuring the contact resistance of the contact resistance measuring joint is the best way to check the quality of the joint making, so the contact resistance must be measured after the cable connector is manufactured.

Cable connector and external connection should be noted that the nose must be connected to the outside after crimping. If copper and copper can be directly connected, copper and aluminum should be copper-aluminum transition joints. The screw for connection should be determined by the size of the nose hole. It is not possible to use a small one screw or to drill a hole in the nose. This will reduce the strength of the joint. Fix the cable head before connecting to ensure that the electrical connector is not subject to any mechanical stress. Outdoor cable joints must also be filled with Vaseline.

Annual inspection and maintenance inspection and attention Every year, the cable joint should be dismantled, the oxide layer on the surface of the joint should be cleaned, and Vaseline should be applied. The rusted screws should be replaced. After the screws are tightened, the contact resistance test should be done. With the increase of power supply, the power failure caused by the joint heat has been very serious, but through analysis we found that this is mainly due to the scientific construction method, resulting in some joint contact area reduction, some joint contact resistance is not handled well, and even some Copper and aluminum joints are not divided, and some methods of production and tools used are backward. Therefore, it should be emphasized that the production and maintenance process of the cable connector should be mastered, and the responsibility of the maintenance personnel should be improved, so that the problem of heating the cable connector can be solved.

Strain clamps are used to fix conductors and ground wires to insulators or link fittings to tower arms and substation structures.
There are two basic systems of strain clamps,
1. Detachable clamps, such as wedge-type tension clamps, thimbles, bolted type tension clamps, which allow for subsequent adjustment.
2. Non-detachable clamps, such as compression dead-end clamps which require absolute matching to the conductor length.
Main type of the strain clamps
1-NY Hydraulic for Conductor ( bolted type )
2-NY-G Compression Strain Clamp for Steel Wires ( welding type )
3-NY-G Compression Strain Clamp for Steel Wires ( forging types )
4-NZG Strain Clamp ( hydraulic compression type )
5-NY-N Strain Clamp for HRAAS Conductor ( hydraulic compression )
6-NY-BG Strain Clamp for ACSR/AS Conductor ( hydraulic compression )
7-NLL ( bolted type )
8-NLD Malleable Iron Strain Clamp ( bolted type )
9-NLZ Deadend Strain Clamp ( bolted type )
10-WNY Strain Clamp
11-NY-H Aluminum Alloy Strain Clamp

12-NY-HG Aluminum Alloy Strain Clamp

Strain Clamp

Strain ClampStrain Clamp

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Strain Clamp

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