The role and composition of the video server

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Network video server is a special computer for compressing, storing and processing video and audio data. It consists of video and audio compression encoder, large-capacity storage device, input/output channel, network interface, video and audio interface, RS422. Serial interface, protocol interface, software interface, video and audio cross-point matrix, etc., at the same time, provide external lock phase and video processing functions.
The role and composition of the video server
Video and audio compression encoder: Since the video is digitized and the amount of data is large, it is necessary to use the mature compression technology to compress the video data under the condition of meeting the requirements of the technical specifications to meet the storage and transmission requirements. At present, the video server generally adopts a compression encoder such as H.264 or MPEG-4, and the user can select a compression code rate and a compression structure according to actual conditions, so as to be suitable for various broadcast occasions, thereby saving both hard disk space and program storage. The quantity can guarantee the purpose of broadcast quality.
Mass storage devices: Video servers use high-speed, broadband SCSI interface hard drives or state-of-the-art FC interface hard drives as AV storage media. At the same time, the hard disk expansion of video and audio data is also flexible.
Input/Output Channel: The video server has a multi-channel input/output system, enabling multiple recording and playback to be performed simultaneously for multitasking.
Network interface: The video server has a network interface to facilitate networking and data sharing. General video servers come with FC and Ethernet interfaces. The FC optical network uses the IP protocol as a switching network for fast, real-time replication and moving of materials between video servers. Ethernet is used to transmit control data and status detection information.
Video and audio interface: The video server has a standard video and audio interface and an analog surveillance video interface to monitor the video signals of each channel. Input/output signals can be selected in analog, component, and SDI.
RS422 serial interface: The video server has multiple RS422 serial communication interfaces, and each interface can be recorded and played by an external computer through the RS422 communication line.
Protocol Interface: In addition to providing various control hardware interfaces, the video server also provides a protocol interface. For example, the RS422 interface supports the RS422 profile protocol, and also supports protocols such as Louth, Odetics, and BVW that are controlled by RS422.
Software Interface: The video server provides an open software interface for users or third-party vendors to develop and build new applications.
Video and audio crosspoint matrix: video and audio crosspoint matrix in the video server, visual and audio channel scheduling flexibility, while ensuring that technical indicators are not damaged.
In addition, the video server provides external lock phase and video processing functions to facilitate the construction of audio and video systems for specialized applications.

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