The green road of plastic packaging bags is forming

[ Jiuzhi Plastics News] Plastic bags are closely related to people's lives, but the environmental problems are also becoming more and more serious. As early as 2008, the state issued a plastic limit order, but the actual results are not large, which is related to industry characteristics, technology development and implementation supervision. And many other factors are related. But now we can see that the green road of plastic bags is forming.
First, with the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to health and safety. Environmentally-friendly plastic bags have gradually entered daily life. Consumers are happy to choose green and environmentally-friendly plastic bags when shopping, and environmentally-friendly plastic packaging. Includes recycled plastic bags and new material plastic bags. Plastic bag manufacturers have adopted new technology in the production process, adding ingredients that degrade the masterbatch, commonly known as degradable plastic bags, which can be decomposed by themselves under certain conditions.
Second, innovate production processes and processing technologies to create green and environmentally friendly plastic packaging bags. Recently, at CHINAPLAS2016, DuPont introduced optimized Zytel polyamide resin. In addition to excellent mechanical properties and heat and chemical resistance, the material also has excellent damping properties, which can improve the noise of engine peripheral components. Vibration and Acoustic Roughness (NVH) performance. Scientists have found that a bacterium can burn out plastic bags at around 29 degrees Celsius for six weeks. Tests have shown that the bacteria use enzymes to decompose PET to produce an intermediate chemical. This chemical is then absorbed by the cells and further broken down by other enzymes in the cells, providing the bacteria with carbon and oxygen to help them grow. Some experts say that the bacteria can be used to "kill" plastic products such as plastic bags that are growing in number and destroying the earth.
Third, the state has upgraded the green and circular economy to a strategic level and introduced policy measures for targeted support and encouragement. The National Development and Reform Commission is promoting the recycling of plastics through the use of the Internet + to promote a new model of recycling. The Ministry of Finance issued the Catalogue of VAT Concessions for Comprehensive Utilization of Resources and Labor Services, and the Central Committee wrote the ecological civilization construction into the 12th Five-Year Plan. All these indicate that the country is striving to support and guide the plastics industry, including plastic packaging bags, to develop in a green, environmentally friendly and intensive manner.
The green environmental protection road of plastic packaging bags is the inevitable development of industry and society. This requires the participation of the whole society, let us start from ourselves and contribute our own efforts to the green ecological civilization.

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