The furniture industry faces four major challenges. Brand strategy is the direction of development

In the face of this year's real estate regulation and control policies, will it have an adverse impact on the furniture industry? How can China's furniture industry make a new leap? Facing the policy of expanding domestic demand and promoting development at this stage, what adjustments should the furniture industry make? During the Guangzhou International Furniture Fair, Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, answered the above questions. Zhu Changling believes that real estate regulation may be an opportunity for the furniture industry. Of course, the furniture industry will also face difficulties such as rising labor and raw materials this year.

Real estate regulation should benefit the furniture industry

Zhu Changling said that 2010 was the year of the overall recovery of the furniture industry after the economic recession. In 2010, the total industrial output value of furniture enterprises above the scale was 446.7 billion yuan, an increase of 32.34% year-on-year; furniture exports completed 33.6 billion US dollars, an increase of 29.95% year-on-year; the total industrial output value of the entire industry was 87 billion yuan, indicating that the industry has recovered Rapid development. He also mentioned: "Several phenomena are worth noting. One is the rapid development of the furniture industry, the technology has been greatly improved, and more attention is paid to environmental protection, energy saving, and low carbon. The second is the substantial increase in the sales of furniture. The construction of the industrial park has also developed rapidly, and the entire furniture industry has reached a new level. "

In the face of real estate regulation and control policies, does the downstream furniture industry face adverse effects? In this regard, Zhu Changling said: "The country's real estate regulation is mainly to regulate the excessively rapid growth of house prices, but in the process of building a large number of low-rent housing and affordable housing, and this growth will be greater than the regulation part. After the regulation, reselling the house There are fewer people and the price is controlled, so buying a house becomes a rigid demand. Everyone wants to renovate the house and there are more people buying furniture. From this point of view, real estate regulation policies should be beneficial to the furniture industry. But some Big cities have purchase restrictions, such as Beijing, which may be affected. "According to Zhu Changling, the overall start of the furniture industry this year is more optimistic, with exports of 3.5 billion US dollars in January, an increase of 30% over the same period last year.

Four major problems facing the furniture industry

In fact, the furniture industry is currently facing a lot of difficulties, Zhu Changling believes: "First, labor shortage and rising labor costs; second, there are some relatively backward situations in the management of enterprises, and labor productivity is not high enough; third, the currency Due to the impact of inflation, various costs have increased, such as raw materials, freight, energy, etc .; Fourth, the sales of furniture stores has grown too fast, and the construction of stores has some low-level construction. "

In the international market, Zhu Changling believes that the current competition facing the Chinese furniture industry lies mainly in developing countries, "such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Poland in Europe, and Mexico, these countries are our competitors. But overall we The market share is still very high, and the international competitiveness is also relatively strong, which can be seen from our exhibition. "

Brand strategy is the development direction of the industry

How should the furniture industry cooperate with the national policy of expanding domestic demand and promoting development at this stage? Zhu Changling believes: "To do fine products, improve quality, increase the added value of products, and promote the healthy development of the industry. Although this is difficult to do, our companies still have this confidence. I came to Guangdong this time and found many companies All are progressing, technology is progressing, and the delivery room has also been expanded. Especially the entrepreneur ’s thinking is changing, more emphasis is placed on education, science and technology, employee training, corporate culture, and brand expansion. This is correct. Said that brand strategy is the development direction of the furniture industry. "

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