The difference between woodworking and factory customization is so big.

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There are two ways to customize the wardrobe, one for the woodworking site, and the other for the custom-made furniture factory. Is the factory fixed or is it done on the woodwork site? Or is it good to buy finished furniture?


Woodworking Wardrobe: Generally, a large amount of glue is used for lamination. The flatness and the environmental protection of the glue are easily ignored. Pay special attention to the cabinet.

Overall wardrobe: glue is also used, but the quality of the glue can be understood from the certificate, and the license cycle is also required.

Edge banding

Woodworking Wardrobe: This is the pain of the woodworking wardrobe forever, can not be solved perfectly; can not use the machine edge banding like the big factory, the fly in the ointment.

Overall wardrobe: This is the strength of the machine cabinet. Super pressure and glue can achieve very beautiful results, but you need to pay attention to the texture and color of the edge band, whether it can be consistent with the cabinet of all colors.

The difference between woodworking and factory customization is so big.

The difference between woodworking and factory customization is so great!


Particleboard, MDF PK finger joint board, wood board except a few high-end solid wood furniture custom, most custom furniture manufacturers generally use particle board, MDF as a substrate to customize furniture, and woodworking site to use woodworking Board, finger joint board.

Why is woodworking on-site production not using particleboard? In the eyes of woodworking, particleboard is wood slag, which is very bad and falls off. Why do a lot of decoration woodworkers say this? Because their manual machinery can't use the particle board to make the cabinet on the spot! A saw goes down and the board bursts. When the board bursts, it is scrapped, and the wood board, finger joint board, manual Mechanical operation, at least not bursting.

Therefore, in the eyes of carpentry, wood board and finger joint board are their treasures. The 18-style martial arts is all based on it. Can you dislike it? The particle board is like a young lady in the city, wearing beautiful clothes and full of foreign spirits. It can be temperate and needs to be served. Fragile particleboards must be machined to be sawn (eg, electronic cutting saws). This good sawing effect is the key to good edge sealing.

Let's talk about the edge of the woodworking site. The manual glue is a bit like the shaped seal in the custom factory. It is also made by hand. There is also a semi-automatic hot melt glue machine in the factory. It is made by wood slag and wood by hand. Stick the edge band on the board and you will understand it at a glance.


Factory-based production: Due to the requirement for a certain amount of production capacity and processing quality, large-scale machinery is generally used to complete the production. Therefore, the product has high precision, good edge sealing strength and beautiful appearance, and high installation accuracy.

On-site furniture: Even if you can see the samples, the precision of the furniture made by your home may not be at all. Because on-site production depends entirely on the craftsmanship of the woodworkers.

Environmental issues

Since the state has mandatory environmental standards for wood-based panel products, the national standard is to reach the E1 level. However, the environmental protection of furniture is not limited to the environmental protection requirements of the board. For example, the sheet can reach the E1 level, but the secondary veneer processing, the edge sealing glue problem, etc. are not well controlled, and the formaldehyde of the furniture will still exceed the standard. Some manufacturers that update faster generally use EO grade boards, and edge-sealing glue also uses plant-based starch glue to control and ensure the total amount of formaldehyde released.

The furniture produced on site has a large amount of urethane glue used inside the wood board. The formaldehyde content is high. Because the product structure is glue and nail, a lot of glue is needed during processing. Most of the glue used has formaldehyde exceeding the standard, so the site is made. The furniture is extremely environmentally friendly. Especially when there are owners present, in order to show that they don’t cut corners, the things on the spot are strong, and they may also say “give you some glue”. I don’t know if the formaldehyde content of the furniture is higher. A grade.


Woodworking wardrobe: generally fixed with a round nail, can not be dismantled, because the dismantling will cause devastating damage to the cabinet and the backboard, affecting the reuse of the cabinet.

The overall wardrobe: mostly fixed with fasteners, can be removed, in the case of the size of the dismantling environment does not match, you can take partial adjustment, patching, etc. for local adjustment.

On-site management: There is no problem of on-site production in the factory. It only needs to be installed directly when the decoration is basically completed. Since the connection is made with special connectors, the installation is now simple and quick, and the advantage of custom furniture is that it is detachable, expandable and add-and-drop.

overall effect

The factory-customized furniture is very beautiful and pleasing to the eye thanks to the use of formed sheets, clear lines, color and moisture, and no need for post-painting. The scientific mechanical design also guarantees the stability and durability of the cabinet. Customized furniture will be more and more popular among young people and environmentalists because of its simplicity, environmental friendliness, and low price. It will be highly regarded in the future for a long time.

At present, in the overall custom furniture industry, manufacturers have developed their own product sales design system. Before ordering the product, they can provide the owner with the overall furniture installation effect diagram according to the owner's room size and personality requirements. The effect of buying again!

After sale

Woodworking Wardrobe: Most of the decoration teams are generally not seen after the installation, basically no after-sales, the decoration company will generally carry out after-sales service, but most of them can not be timely.

Overall wardrobe: Generally speaking, it is more secure during the warranty period, but the time also needs a period, usually within 48 hours.

The firmness of the furniture structure

Factory custom design has been considered a solid problem in design, both theoretically and practically, the fastness of the composite hardware connector is not inferior to the nails and glue of the woodworking, if it is difficult to disassemble, the combination The difficulty of dismantling the hardware is much higher than the connection between the nail and the glue! Because the woodwork has fixed the plate.

Therefore, it seems that it is a bit of a misunderstanding. Do not believe that we can test, we can provide the same two plates connected according to different processes, to see which is difficult to pull and disassemble?

Cost control and quality management

This is critical! The cost control of the factory is based on a company development, product competition, cost control of large-scale production, quality management is based on advanced production process control to bring a qualified product installation rate, user satisfaction and reputation .

For example: before the factory saws the board, it will summarize a batch of customer orders, and the person will count the amount of the board, and then use the optimization software to optimize how to cut the board, so that the utilization rate of the board is High, it will not be the loss of the customer's fault at the time of sale. In the aspect of production process management, the main thing is to try it out. The products shipped to the customer's home have already been installed once in the factory. The structure is no problem. There is no problem in opening and punching. Everything is OK before it is repaired. Then Bale.

At present, the bottleneck and disadvantage of large scale development and manufacturing of isotropic in China still exist: the design and manufacture of large, special cold and other static presses have not kept up with it. (2) other facilities not perfect, such as the large and super large (1200 mm) Φ graphite impregnated, roasting, graphitization, purification processing, special machine tools machining must be perfect.

Fortunately, there are now cold and other static press factory to start to design and manufacture the large specification (1200mm) cold isostatic pressing machine, if the successful two years can be put into production. At the same time, the development of large scale homogenated graphite is also used in the development of vibration-forming graphite, carbon/carbon composite materials, carbon fiber and other materials used in silicon crystal production.

In the face of such a huge graphite market prospect, and graphite profound understanding to the graphite pieces processing technology progress is the precondition that the future market share, the graphite with milling, car, plane, cutting, drilling, grinding and CNC (CNC), main products including graphite, graphite mold, such as thermal field static pressure graphite, , EDM graphite, graphite crucible, graphite flake, for the SPD, all kinds of graphite profiled, etc., products are now widely used in solar photovoltaic (pv), mold, electronic semiconductor, electrical discharge machining, metallurgy, chemical industry, nuclear industry and quartz, etc. We hope to cooperate with you and develop together with you in the future.

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