The difference between ultra-clean fabrics and ordinary anti-static fabrics in anti-static clothing

The difference between anti-static and ultra-clean fabrics and ordinary anti-static fabrics lies in the concept of "clean". Anti-static clean fabric must have the following three characteristics:

1. With anti-static function: static electricity will absorb dust, and the adsorption of dust in the wind when the shower is not easy to blow away. Therefore, the primary feature of anti-static clean fabrics is anti-static properties. At the same time, this anti-static property must be long-lasting, efficient, and will not be significantly attenuated by daily washing and friction.

2. The fabric itself does not emit dust: Since it is worn in a clean room, it is required that the fabric cannot become a dust generating source in the clean room, which determines that the ultra-clean fabric can only be produced using chemically synthesized long fibers. However, natural short fibers such as cotton, hemp, and silk cannot be used in super-clean fabrics, although these materials can make the fabric more attractive. At the same time, the selected chemical fiber filaments must also strictly control the amount of dust generated. In general, fully extensible polyester filaments are not suitable for weaving anti-static and ultra-clean fabrics. Because the addition of matting agents in the production of polyester - titanium dioxide will become a source of pollution.

3. The fabric should have good dust-filtering properties: The dust in the clean room is mainly from the air flowing in the room and the human body moving indoors. When the condition of the equipment is determined, improving the degree of cleanliness means that it is required to maximally control the tiny dust generated by the human body in the clothing and let it pass through the fabric into the air. This is the so-called high dust filter of the fabric. Increasing the dust filter rate is at the expense of fabric permeability, so knitted fabrics and woven fabrics that are relatively loosely woven are not suitable for use in clean rooms.

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