The advantages and disadvantages of siphonic toilets and flush toilets

Just decorated friends, there will always be material confusion, because do not understand the structure of the principle of materials, can not distinguish the pros and cons, take the toilet for example, in the end is a good siphon-type toilet or straight type? Xiao Bian tells everyone that, in fact, this is also depends on the situation, specifically look down!

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One of the differences: their respective advantages

Siphonic toilet

With strong sewage discharge capacity and large net surface area, most toilets, especially Siamese, adopt siphon type.

The biggest advantage of siphon is that the noise of flushing is small, which is the so-called mute. Siphonic toilets are prone to flushing dirt that adheres to the toilet surface.

Straight flush toilet

The use of compressed air to form a large thrust, flushing speed, large momentum, strong pollution, speed.

The flushing type uses a powerful kinetic energy at the moment of the water flow, so the sound of impact on the wall is relatively large.

After the drain is mostly straight flush.

The characteristic of the flush toilet is that the diameter of the sewage pipe is large, and it is easy to flush out large dirt and save water.

The difference between the two: the respective shortcomings

"Direct flush type" and "siphon type" are based on the flushing method. The straight flush toilet has simple flush path, short path and thick diameter, and directly uses the gravity of water to wash away the dirt and siphon. The type of pipe is relatively high and relatively slender (the smaller the pipe diameter, the more obvious the siphon effect, the greater the pumping force). In theory, the flush toilet is not easy to be blocked due to the thicker pipe diameter, but the noise during flushing is larger, and the siphon flush is quiet, but it is easier to block due to its fine diameter, and the water consumption is also lower than straight. The rush type is slightly larger, but in actual use, the correct use in normal daily situations is not blocked. The actual amount of water used is also related to many factors.

Siphonic toilet

Advantages: There is a complete pipeline with a “S” shape with a side-inverted shape. The slope of the pool wall is relatively gentle and the noise problem has been improved. Disadvantages: The area of ​​water in the bottom of the pond is large and the process of sewage drainage is slow.

Straight flush toilet

Advantages: low price, small water consumption, good sewage discharge effect, small pool water area; disadvantage: large noise emission.

The difference between the three: suitable for units

Siphonic toilet

Siphonic toilets are more "sluggish" than bodybuilders, and are therefore more suitable for larger bathroom areas.

Straight flush toilet

Compared with siphon-type toilets, flush-type toilets are relatively “slim”, and therefore, it is the first choice for small-sized units where bathroom areas are more valuable.

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