The 28th Japan Machine Tool Show Ending Machine Tools Association successfully held a press conference

Abstract On November 22nd, the 6th Japan International Machine Tool Show (JIMTOF2016) ended in Tokyo for 6 days. The China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association sent a team of executive vice president and secretary general Chen Huiren to the exhibition to conduct exchanges and inspections...
On November 22nd, the 6th Japan International Machine Tool Show (JIMTOF2016) ended in Tokyo for 6 days. The China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association sent a team of executive vice president and secretary general Chen Huiren to the exhibition to conduct exchanges and inspections, and successfully held the CIMT2017 press conference.
According to the JIMTOF organizer, Japan Machine Tool Industry Association Co., Ltd., the exhibition has a total of 969 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions. As of November 21, there were more than 13,340 visitors, and the audience was 161,853, including more than 10,000 overseas visitors. The exhibition has a total area of ​​98,540 square meters and a net area of ​​49,662 square meters. In order to better attract and serve international exhibitors, the new East Exhibition Building Halls 7 and 8 will make this exhibition an exhibition with the largest exhibition scale of JIMTOF so far. More than 50 Chinese companies have participated.
On the afternoon of November 18th, China Machine Tool Industry Association successfully held a press conference at JIMTOF2016. A number of domestic and foreign media reporters and representatives of relevant enterprises and representatives of multinational industry associations from Japan Industrial News, Japan Economic News, Japan Production News, Production Finance, Metal Processing attended the press conference. Mr. Yukio Sakai, Chairman of the Japan International Trade Promotion Association, first addressed the meeting and wished the success of the 2017 Beijing International Machine Tool Show (CIMT).
Chen Huiren, vice chairman and secretary general of China Machine Tool Industry Association, made a report at the meeting. He made a very in-depth analysis and objective evaluation of the positive changes in China's economy and the new characteristics of China's machine tool and tool consumer market. He pointed out that the Chinese economy is experiencing some positive changes that deserve attention, including obvious changes in the economic structure, better-than-expected employment conditions, and the narrowing of the PPI decline this year.
At the same time, Chen Huiren analyzed the new characteristics of the Chinese machine tool consumption market:
The first is that market demand is still in the downward contraction range. The direct reason is that fixed asset investment, especially industrial fixed asset investment, continues to decline. In the first three quarters of this year, the national fixed asset investment growth rate dropped to 8.2% year-on-year, of which industrial and manufacturing fixed asset investment grew at a slower rate. 3.3% and 2.8%. This has led to a downturn in demand for machine tool tools.
Secondly, the characteristics of the demand structure upgrade are more obvious. On the one hand, the total demand has been significantly reduced, mainly due to the sharp decline in demand for low-grade homogenized products; on the other hand, the rapid upgrading of the demand structure. The main features of the demand structure upgrade are mainly as follows: First, the demand for niche and customized products is increasing; second, the demand for automated complete equipment is growing significantly; third, the general shift upgrade, Higher requirements are placed on product functionality, performance and reliability.
The third is that consumption is increasingly becoming the main driving force for the machine tool market. As the rapid development of China's heavy chemical industry has gradually completed, the strong demand for machine tools in this field has shrunk dramatically. With the continuous deepening of China's economic restructuring, consumption has increasingly become the main driving force for economic growth, and it has increasingly become the main driving force for the machine tool market. In the first three quarters of this year, the demand for machine tool equipment in the automotive, consumer electronics and commercial housing sales sectors was the most obvious for the Chinese machine tool market. This phenomenon has become one of the obvious characteristics of the changes in the demand of the Chinese machine tool market.
Chen Huiren also introduced the preparations for the International Machine Tool Show to be held in Beijing next year. He said: The 15th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2017) will be held on April 17-22, 2017 at the Beijing-China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). At present, the recruitment of exhibitors at the exhibition has been fully completed, and preparations for other exhibitions have been fully launched. As of October 24 this year, 1950 companies from 28 countries and regions around the world have signed up for the exhibition. Due to the limitation of the exhibition area, the exhibition can not fully meet the exhibitors' participation requirements. The average area satisfaction rate is less than 50%. At that time, more than 350 exhibitors will not be able to enter the exhibition as expected.
The exhibition has the same exhibition area as the previous exhibition (CIMT2015), which is 131,000 square meters. The exhibition uses all eight pavilions of the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) and builds eight temporary pavilions.
In order to further improve the management and service level of the exhibition, CIMT organizers have taken some new measures, in addition to the use of information technology in the exhibition management of exhibitor declaration, audience registration and information release, as well as transportation agents, home construction and exhibitions. Major service providers such as services have reorganized the bidding options and introduced all competition mechanisms to provide better services to exhibitors and visitors.
At the same time, a variety of exhibition activities will continue to be held during the exhibition to provide a full range of services for the participants.
CIMT2017 is a significant change in the demand structure of China's machine tool market, and the deep adjustment of the supply capacity and structure of China's and global machine tool manufacturing industry is under the background of the new development momentum of China and the global machine tool manufacturing industry. Therefore, this exhibition The theme is established as: new demand, new supply, new power.
The press conference attracted many media reporters. They asked questions in the questioning session to raise questions about the trend and future trends of the Chinese machine tool market. Chen Huiren and Vice President of China International Exhibition Center Group Zheng Shizhen answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists.

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