Ten precautions for indoor furniture feng shui

The feng shui of furniture is a matter of concern to everyone in recent years. Many people do not understand the feng shui of indoor furniture. The interior furniture is also placed with rules and skills. What are the precautions for feng shui in the interior furniture? The following small series will tell you in detail about the top ten precautions for indoor furniture.

Furniture placed in Feng Shui, stove placed with fortune

In the five elements, the east is wood and the south is fire. Therefore, the stove should be better toward the south, so that it is more in line with the five elements, and it is better to have a good feng shui to the side. The stove should not be shot by the faucet, otherwise it is easy to get some symptoms. Dishwashers, dish racks, etc. should also be placed in the correct orientation. It is best not to place the stove and the sink in the same line, otherwise it will affect the couple's feelings, which is the reason why the fire is not allowed.

Furniture placed Feng Shui II, dressing table

The dressing table is more important than the mirror. The placement of the position is very important. The mirror of the dressing table should not be placed on the bed. Otherwise, it is easy for people to have nightmares and seriously affect people's spirit. The mirror of the dressing table is preferably round and oval, and it is not advisable to use a corner mirror; the dressing table should not be facing the bedroom door, and there is no wall behind it;

The furniture is placed in Feng Shui 3. The bed is not safe.

The bed is used for sleeping, and the bed should not be left empty, so that there is no lack of security and it will be more comfortable when sleeping. The so-called blank means that there is no meaning of backing the mountain. When we are asleep and dreaming, the body will move involuntarily, and the head may get out of the bed and be injured. This is the right way to Feng Shui.

The furniture is placed in Feng Shui. The furniture in the living room is placed. The heavy-duty furniture should be placed in the southwest, the doorway in the east, and the air-conditioning in the west. Avoid placing the air-conditioning and light source in the center of the room and disturbing the energy in the center of the house. The violent sun will fade the surface of the sofa and directly affect the durability of the sofa. Therefore, no matter which material is made of the sofa, it cannot be placed on the side of the window for a long time. Especially when the room is facing west, it should be avoided.

Furniture placed feng shui five, toilet

The toilet is indispensable in every home. Its location is very important at home. It is best to have a fierce position at home, such as five ghosts, six scorpions, and a desperate position. Because the toilet is draining human body residue, the dirtiest place in the house, you can And the murderous position in the family, there is the effect of "drug attack"; if the toilet is located at home in the Kyrgyzstan, such as heavenly doctors, prolonged years, angry position, the family will cause urinary and ** system effects;

Furniture placed in Feng Shui six, kitchen furniture placed

It is also very important to place feng shui in the furniture in the kitchen. The kitchen is a place where water and fire are often used. The kitchen stove should be placed on the kiln to meet the feng shui requirements. If you are located in Kyrgyzstan, your family is healthy and your relationship is harmonious. On the contrary, it will cause the marriage to be unsatisfactory, and the couple often quarrel or be sick. The furnishings in the kitchen, such as the stove, the sink, the dish frame, etc., should be placed in the correct position. The stove is most likely to be shot by the faucet, and it is easy to get dysentery and gastrointestinal problems. If the sink and the stove are in line, it will not affect the relationship and health of the couple. If the position of the stove and the head of the water are curved (L-shaped), the fire and water can be avoided, which is also in line with the feng shui. With the conditioning of water and fire, it is necessary to reconcile the yin and yang so that the stove is oriented to the south.

Furniture placed feng shui seven, window sill bed more crisis

The child's bed position is best placed near the corner. Children's beds shouldn't be too close to the window sill, because they are too curious, they may be attracted by the office outside the window and look out or even climb out of the window frame, which is very easy to accidents and accidents. At the same time, the windows inside the house should not be too much or too low, and the air circulation in the room should be maintained. And when encountering light or lightning, it will lead to lack of sleep due to psychological fear.

The furniture is placed in Feng Shui. The location of the lighting

Most of the lighting on the market is mainly chandeliers. The use must be proper. If the house is too low, pay attention to the height of the chandelier. If it is too low, it will hinder the movement. The chandelier is installed in the middle position and the light is more even. As for the height of the chandelier, the ideal distance is about 50-60 cm from the table top. If it is too high, it may be dazzling, too low and it will hit the head.

The furniture is placed in Feng Shui.

The position of the god position should not be placed in the house, otherwise it will play a counter-effect; the direction of the god position should be consistent with the direction of the house, otherwise the house will be defeated; the back of the gods should not be empty, there must be a backing; the living room is a pendulum The best place to put your mind in the room is not to be placed in the dining room and bedroom, because neither the Taoist god nor the Buddha family eat meat or drink, and the restaurant often eats meat and drinks, and the bedroom is a private place.

Furniture placed in Feng Shui ten, the placement of electrical appliances

The location of the audio-visual equipment should be kept away from the window for two reasons. One is that when the screen of the TV is illuminated by light, it will produce a reflective effect, which makes the eyes uncomfortable when watching TV programs. Second, because it is contaminated with dust near the window, when it rains, the rain is more likely to splash on the equipment, affecting its operation and even leakage. In addition, it is best not to place a TV in the bedroom, and to put a TV in the bedroom, which is equivalent to putting a mirror, which is easy to have a bad influence on people.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is a small series of relevant small knowledge about the feng shui of indoor furniture. If you don't understand the feng shui of furniture, you can refer to this article accordingly, I hope to help everyone.

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