Ten mix and match style home decoration does not pass secret technology big exposure

17 Tips for creating a mix and match style

Mix and match home improvement top ten cheats

Cheats 1, not complete with furniture to make space more flexible

The dining table with the dining table does not have to be complete. For example, a fixed sofa bench is a flip-up low cabinet with a number of pillows that can sit at the same time for 4 adults. The solid wooden double chairs in the corner are old-fashioned British antique furniture, belonging to the kind of lift chair. On the outside of the table, several chairs can be added at any time depending on the actual situation. Because furniture is not a complete set, the function of space has become more flexible!

Cheat 2 , the emotional tension of old furniture

The mashup can be a mashup of styles, a mashup of materials, or a mix of age and time. The point is, how do you collect things at different times in your space? You may wish to use second-hand furniture or old furniture. These story-telling things can definitely help you get points. No matter how intense your space is mixed in style or material, only invisible emotions and memories can make it produce infinite charm!

Cheat 3, choose 60s furniture for space

Mix and match styles often use furniture from the 60s as ornaments. Since there were many “throwaway” furniture made of resin in the 1960s, it was easily damaged; the authenticity of the products produced at the time could not be retained, and it may be possible today. There are replicas of imitations. As for the use of glass fiber or other durable material makers, more authentic products. Suggest that you may wish to refer to the relevant design book first, to understand how to identify what is genuine? Is there a value to change hands or preserve value? Usually, there are two major criteria to consider: 1. The designer's reputation, 2. Is it a big manufacturer? But I think you may also respect your emotional intuition: as long as you like, you may wish to collect it!

Cheats 4, retro fashion Shanghai concession style

There are two main points to create a space for Shanghai's concessions: First, the space architecture is a traditional European home; Second, the use of Shanghai old furniture. The spatial vocabulary of the entire concession area is basically dominated by the vocabulary of the European space. As for Shanghai furniture in this period, the practice of "taking secondary school as a student and using Western learning as a tool" has also emerged. The material is made of Chinese rosewood, red sandalwood or huanghuali, but in the engraving process, it shows a Western French or British vocabulary. In building the space of the Shanghai concessions, we suggest that you try to use the old pieces of furniture that were produced in that era. They are more capable of accurately conveying the exoticism that was mixed in the overseas mixed place in the rental community.

Cheat 5, retrofitting old furniture adds more space

The flea market at home and abroad is a good place to buy old furniture. However, the old objects with better products have already been screened by shopkeepers. They are often expensive, and you may wish to purchase some old skeletons and styles. Furniture, the price is relatively low, after the return to modify the wrap, so that furniture is also full of mashup style.

Cheats 6, use color to activate space

Color is the most efficient means of shaping the space atmosphere. Try to find a place in this entire space as a visual focus, and use color-shifting techniques to make people feel that this space has a theme in color matching. For example, the main wall uses bright colors, while other walls use matching colors. If you want the entire space to be the same color, then the recommended color saturation should not be too high. Otherwise, the color is too strong or light to eat, resulting in less comfortable space.

In addition, color planning should take into account the materials used in the space. It is also best to make contrasting changes to the color scheme. For example, dark wood floors should not be paired with dark walls; otherwise, the entire space will become dark and have no focus.

Cheats 7, a mix of contrasting style spaces and artwork

Artwork can activate space. But how can we match it to show better results? "Comparison" can show strong results. For example, in a country-style space with the same style of still life paintings, this can only create a soft atmosphere, but can not make quite a personality of space. However, if the paintings of different styles (such as surrealistic paintings) are put into such a space, the whole sense of space will become lively and vivid because of the difference between the two different styles.

Mystery 8. Demonstrate a new look in the old house through Deco's technique

Living in an old house may not be able to enjoy a fresh life full of design. Unless the house's water and electricity pipelines are already old, there are leaks and other hardware issues; otherwise, to help the old house to change their face does not have to be large-scale civil construction. We only need to inject some space taste into the old house. Through Deco's method, it can be renewed! For example, the use of color, furniture, fabrics, artwork, or some material arrangement requires only a few simple elements to effectively activate old spaces.

Cheats 9, black and white basic colors highlight all styles of furniture

The space is composed of very basic elements and there will be no doubt about retreat. For example, the use of open space to extend the visual and use the basic colors of black and white... can create a neutral spatial tone that will allow homeowners more convenient spatial color planning. If there are too many popular elements in the space, such as carved figures and Roman columns, it will be difficult to switch between different styles. Therefore, the tone of mashups should not be too fancy. In terms of material or color, you should do a little control.