Temperature sensor classification and application

Knowledge intensive. Sensor technology involves almost all the science and technology that supports modern civilization. Various types of sensors have different mechanisms and are closely related to many disciplines. Theoretically based on "effects" and "phenomenon" in physics, "reaction" in chemistry, and "mechanism" in biology; Involves technologies in disciplines such as electronics, mechanical manufacturing, chemical engineering, and biological engineering. Therefore, sensor technology is a knowledge-intensive discipline that interpenetrates multiple disciplines.

Discrete content. The "effects", "reactions", and "mechanisms" in physics, chemistry, and biology involved and utilized in sensor technology are not only numerous, but also often independent of each other or even completely unrelated, so they are opened The catalog of teaching materials and reference books on sensor technology will find that the chapter order is different, but all have their reasons.

Variety complexity. First of all, all kinds of information in nature are very different. Corresponding to different information, there are different types of sensors, such as liquid level sensors, temperature sensors, speed sensors and so on. Secondly, corresponding to the detection of one kind of information in nature, many types of sensors can be made according to different principles and different materials. For example, there are 18 types of linear displacement sensors alone. Thirdly, due to the rapid replacement of products, new sensors continue to appear and the variety continues to increase. Fourth, from miscellaneous

The names of the sensor varieties seen in the books and books are particularly complex. Because there are many classifications of sensors, they can be classified according to their structure, according to their sensitive materials, according to the input volume, according to the output volume, according to the working principle, according to the function, or according to the application, The same sensor has many names according to its different classification. In short, the sensor has variety

The complexity of temperature sensors.

Functional intelligence. The sensor has multiple functions, not only can replace the function of human facial features, but also can detect information that human facial features cannot feel (such as ultrasound, infrared, a-ray, B-ray, y-ray, etc.), which can be called an extension of the human facial features . At the same time, it can also work in harsh environments such as high temperatures and high pressures that humans cannot bear, and some sensors also have functions such as memory, storage, analysis, statistical processing, self-diagnosis, self-calibration, and self-adaptation, so they are called "smart" Sex ".

Test accuracy. The sensor has a wide range for detecting various types of information. For example, the temperature can be above -273 ℃ -1000 ℃, the humidity is within several PPm ~ 100% RH, and the pressure measuring range of the pressure sensor is 0.01Psi-1000psi. The accuracy of the sensor is as high as 0.01% ~ 0.1%, and the reliability of the sensor can reach 8-9 levels.

Process complexity. The production of sensors involves many high and new technologies, such as integration technology, thin film technology, superconducting technology, bonding technology, high sealing technology, special processing technology, and multifunctional and intelligent technology. The process is very difficult and very demanding. For example, the production process of micro-sensor precision processing technology with a diameter of 1 mm, ultra-thin silicon wafer processing technology with a thickness of less than 1 mm, and the sealing technology of a large pressure sensor with a pressure of several hundred MPa are extremely complex and highly sophisticated.

Wide application. From the fields of aerospace, aviation, weapons, ships, transportation, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, energy, coal, petroleum, medical and health, biological engineering, character development, etc. to agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, vice, fishery five Karma

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