Superhard Materials Branch 2013 Work Plan

Abstract In order to take full advantage of the national policy to implement the scientific concept of development, focus on changing the mode of economic growth, enhance the independent innovation capability and core competitiveness of enterprises, to achieve the goal by 2013 economic work well and quickly; to always work closely around Key points to carry out work, complete the total...
In order to make full use of the national policy, fully implement the scientific development concept, focus on transforming the economic growth mode, improve the independent innovation capability and the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and achieve the goal of economic work in 2013 in a good and fast manner; Carry out work, complete the tasks assigned by the General Conference, further play the role of “bridge” and “link” of the Association, and vigorously promote the pace of moving toward a super-hard material power. The work plan for 2013 is as follows:

1. Focus on policies, strengthen research, and do a good job in bridges and ties to promote the implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan.

1.1 Actively organize the staff of the Secretariat to improve their political quality, pay close attention to national policies, strive for national support for key projects in this industry through effective channels, and strive to transform the economic growth mode, enhance core competitiveness, and catch up with the world's advanced level. power.

1.2. Vigorously promote the energy conservation, environmental protection and low carbon characteristics of superhard materials and products, organize and guide and encourage industry enterprises to report projects to governments at all levels, and contribute to the country's vigorous development of seven strategic emerging industries! Thereby promoting the rapid and healthy development of the industry.

2. Implement the work guidelines of the General Conference and actively carry out work around the main points of the work of the General Conference.

2.1. Use the club meetings, conferences, websites and other propaganda methods to actively promote and implement the spirit of the conferences of the General Conference and conscientiously implement the work guidelines of the General Conference.

2.2. Focus on the work of the club in 2013. Do your best to successfully complete the tasks assigned by the General Conference.

3. Strengthen club activities to further enhance the influence, appeal, cohesion and combat effectiveness of the club.

The important activities of my club in 2013 were “two sessions” and “two books”. The two sessions refer to the “Sixth Zhengzhou International Superhard Materials and Products Seminar (6th ZISC)” to be held in November 2013 to assist the directors in the same period. Organized the "Second China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasives Grinding Exhibition"; in order to run the "two sessions" and plan to publish the international conference proceedings and "China's super hard materials industry for 50 years" industry development history. The main energy will be put into preparation and the "two sessions" and "two books".

3.1. In the first half of 2013, a branch director or standing council was held to convey the spirit of the general meeting, review the work summary of the branch in 2012, and discuss the extension of the post and the 2013 work plan.

3.2. Strengthen the statistical analysis and forecast of the industry's operating situation and import and export situation, and provide the basis for scientific decision-making for enterprise leaders as much as possible.

3.3. Organize two sessions in the second half of the year and publish two books. Experts from industry, including Taiwanese and developed countries, have collected a wide range of papers and invited them to give presentations; extensively recruiting colleagues from around the world to participate in or visit the exhibition. By running the two sessions and two books, the industry will develop along the right track and develop quickly and well.

3.4. Grasp the work of appraisal of vocational skills and strengthen the construction of high-quality technical talents. Employing university and enterprise teachers to conduct two sets of preliminary, intermediate and advanced work theory and operation training and vocational skills appraisal, and cultivate more skilled personnel who hold industry-specific work qualification certificates. Further summarize and accumulate experience and promote it in large areas in the industry.

3.5. Under the conditions of market economy, the rise and fall of member units is more frequent. Every year, new units will be born or joined. Every year, units with poor management will be converted, discontinued or merged and acquired. Therefore, we must take the new and timely adjustment of the membership structure as a long-term work of the organization of the club, strengthen the absorption of new members, and maintain and continuously enhance the influence, appeal, cohesion and combat effectiveness of the club.

3.6. Strengthen the political and business learning of the staff of the Secretariat, firmly establish the idea of ​​serving the industry enterprises, adapt to the characteristics of the association work under the new situation in the new era, continuously improve the quality and work level, dedication and dedication, and strive for industry health. Development makes a greater contribution.

4. To improve the technological innovation capability and core competitiveness as the main line, recommend to the government and enterprises the research and product projects that are prioritized in the 12th Five-Year Plan, and promote the change of economic growth mode.

4.1. Encourage and guide enterprises to strengthen technology development according to the 12th Five-Year Plan project and continuously introduce new products.

Various new technologies and new products of super-hard materials and products have been released, filling some domestic gaps and realizing industrialization to varying degrees, replacing some imported products and entering the international market. The technological innovation capability of enterprises has been significantly improved. However, the situation that the high-end product market has been occupied by the developed countries has not been fundamentally reversed, and there are still many products and fields that need to be developed vigorously, such as PCD and PCBN for cutting tools, high-grade PDC for drilling oil and gas deep wells and offshore oil and gas fields, and single crystal turning tools. , single crystal wire drawing core, gem-quality single crystal, high-grade professional saw blade, high-precision high-speed grinding wheel, diamond wire saw and other products and developed countries are very different, and some have no commercial products, the 2013 branch will continue to encourage and Guide enterprises to strengthen technology development according to the 12th Five-Year Plan project, continuously develop new products and new application fields, and enhance the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets.

4.2. Continue to pay close attention to product structure adjustment and change the way of economic growth

The technology of superhard material synthesis, diamond saw blade and other products has been generally improved, and the proportion of high-quality products has further increased. Domestic super-hard materials and products have basically met the requirements of high-grade applications. The product structure adjustment has made great progress, and the economic growth mode that relies on large volume wins has begun to reverse, and the development situation is gratifying. In 2013, while doing a good job in the development of high-end products, we will focus on the promotion and application of high-end products and continue to reverse the economic growth mode. The club will guide and help more enterprises to adjust the product structure with great enthusiasm, further increase the proportion of high-end products in the whole industry, increase the export ratio of super-hard materials, especially high-grade products, and improve the overall efficiency of the industry, and quickly and easily Construction of the superhard materials industry. Take a substantive step and march toward a superhard material power.

5. Research the market, do a good job of exhibitions, strengthen the brand

5.1. Under the new situation, further improve market research, understand market demand, pay attention to market changes, and help enterprises to develop domestic and international markets.

5.2. The CIMT2013 exhibition has basically ended. The club has received 28 applications from participating companies. Due to the limited booth area, the club had to work hard to dismiss the work. Finally, 22 exhibitors were identified, with an exhibition area of ​​264 square meters. The number and size of enterprises have reached a record high. In the next step, we must do our best to organize the organization of the exhibition group, establish a brand of super-hard materials industry, expand the influence of the industry, and promote the application of diamond, cubic boron nitride and its tools in machining.

5.3. With the reasonable director unit, we will run the 2013 Zhengzhou International Abrasives Grinding Exhibition in China and actively organize the participation of member units. The international seminars and exhibitions held at the same time have achieved the same effect and mutual promotion.

5.4. Strengthen communication with foreign stone and tool exhibitions and China Stone Association, and encourage member units to participate in stone and tool exhibitions at home and abroad as much as possible. More than 60% of the diamond production is used for stone building materials processing, and more activities in the stone and building materials tools industry, timely understanding and mastering the level requirements and development trends of stone processing and building diamond tools, and promoting the application of diamond in these two industries.

5.5. Continue to do a good job in the industry to create brand activities, recognize companies that have done well in creating brands, encourage and cultivate industry famous brand products, and establish and improve the image of industry products.

6. Strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation and encourage more members to participate in international competition.

6.1 The group participated in the INTERTECH 2013 conference hosted by the American Diamond Association and co-organized by our branch in Baltimore, USA in May 2013. It promoted the exchange and cooperation between China's superhard materials and the same industry in various countries, tracked the trend of international technology development, and encouraged more member units. Participate in international activities and international competition in technology and products. The club has always attached importance to the international activities of the Chinese diamond industry, such as organizing participation in international seminars, exhibitions, and providing assistance for member companies to conduct independent international activities. In recent years, similar activities have been held. Not only participate in foreign activities, but also invite foreign businessmen to come to China. This kind of activity has indeed played a role in promoting the development of the industry.

6.2 Invite relevant foreign associations, chambers of commerce, companies and other relevant personnel to come to China to participate in the international conference organized by our club in 2013, introduce its diamond products, research, development and other industries, visit our industry enterprises, negotiate joint ventures and establish factories in China, and promote Multinational technology and trade cooperation will drive domestic technology and trade development and catch up with the world's advanced level.

7. Continue to strengthen the construction of public opinion positions and do a good job in propaganda

7.1. Continue to run the magazine “Diamond and Abrasives Engineering”, publish high-quality papers that reflect the advanced technology and level of the industry, and guide the technological progress of the industry. In 2013, it plans to merge the "Abrasive Abrasives Newsletter" and "China Superhard Materials" magazines, continue to increase the intensity of running journals, vigorously promote key enterprises and key products, publish a large number of industry information and technical articles, and strengthen the creation of brands and new technologies. Reporting on development, guiding the industry to develop technology and create brands. Continue to increase circulation, expand the club's publicity and influence. Provide a wider range of information services to industry stakeholders.

7.2. Do a good job in the construction of the "China Superhard Materials Network" international Internet site, further improve the network function, strengthen the construction of the English version of the network, and strive to build the network into a national first-class super hard material professional website, make full use of the network to communicate the world, and be a member unit. Create more business opportunities and provide more, faster and more comprehensive services.

8. Strengthen information statistics and do a good job in yearbook, information and consulting services.

8.1. Make efforts to grasp the statistics of the economic operation of the enterprise, increase the statistical coverage and accuracy, and report the economic operation situation to the industry in the first half of the year, and do a good job in editing and publishing the information annual “China Abrasives Industry Yearbook” to make the yearbook data. Closer to actual industrial operating conditions. At the same time, the manuscript of the abrasive abrasives part was written for the China Machine Tool Industry Yearbook.

8.2. Continue to collect, organize and edit some technical and economic data for reference by industry units.

8.3. Continue to carry out consulting services and try to help enterprises solve some practical difficulties.

The plan is implemented after the board of directors has approved it.

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