Submersible Fire Pump Installation and Effects

Many submersible fire pumps are now installed in a very rough manner, and the water in the pool must be drained for maintenance during maintenance. Therefore, fire pump manufacturers also believe that there are many shortcomings, such as water resources will be wasted, there is a hidden danger of fire, maintenance costs are too high.

With regard to these, the fire pump manufacturers also gave some related solutions to solve some deficiencies in the installation of submersible fire pumps. The installation of a submersible fire pump requires the use of a diffuser tube to secure the outlet to the pump, an extrusion chamber, and a bottom wall, a peripheral wall, and a substantially existing mounting opening. Therefore, the installation plan is that the diffuser pipe should be sealed and fixed to the fire pump with a flange plate. The excuse for installation should not be too small for the excuse of the flange. The uppermost position of the diffuser pipe should be equipped with rings. In addition, a positioning groove is provided above the diffusion tube, and the positioner is connected to the positioning groove.

The effect of this device scheme is that, during the inspection, the submersible fire pump can be directly lifted for maintenance without draining the pool water or entering the pool. This procedure is not only simple, but also very low cost. The diffusion tube is sealed and fixed on the fire pump with a flange, and the connection is very convenient; the lifting ring installed at the top of the diffusion tube can easily lift the submersible fire pump; and in the extrusion chamber The outer periphery forms an outwardly extending platform, which can be conveniently installed in the pool; because the use of the positioning groove and the positioner both stabilize the submersible fire pump, so that the submersible fire pump will not oscillate back and forth. .

The solution provided by the fire pump manufacturer has solved the overly rough installation mode of the submersible fire pump and the bad effect caused by the rough installation.

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