Style furniture won two awards at the 3rd China Furniture Brand Festival

On December 18th, the 3rd China Furniture Brand Festival and the 9th China Furniture Forum were held in Hunan Radio and TV Station! The festival was hosted by the China Furniture Industry Brand Alliance and recorded by Hunan's most influential and welcoming Hunan Wei video channel. It is a public, public welfare and open industry event for the entire Chinese furniture industry. It only holds one year each year. This year, it is known as the annual "Oscar" of furniture brand.

At the award ceremony, the style furniture was awarded the “2015 China Furniture Industry Annual Leadership Brand ( Sofa )”, and the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Li Jianhuang, was awarded the “2015 China Furniture Industry Person of the Year”, adding to the ceremony. Also attending the event were Zheng Yannong, executive vice president of China International Public Relations Association, Professor Tang Yufeng, expert of the Ministry of Commerce, chairman of the Hunan Furniture Association, Chairman Cao Zeyun, and Zhu Changlai, president of IKEA China Retail, and other elites.

Reconstruction: Leading the development trend of China's furniture industry

As the “Oscar” of China's furniture industry, every Chinese furniture brand festival has brought together new ideas and new trends in the industry. Its forward-looking annual theme has become the vane to guide the development of the industry, and it is the comprehensiveness of wisdom enlightenment and experience exchange. platform. Being able to stand out in the brand festival is the dream of every furniture person. As a "strength faction", the style insists on casting honesty with hard power, casting brand with soft power, and realizing new upgrade of brand power. This time, it won two prestigious awards in the furniture industry, which laid the foundation for its leading brand in China's software home . On the occasion of the event, Prof. Tang Yufeng, an expert from the Ministry of Commerce, also analyzed the business opportunities of the Silk Road Economic Belt from a macro perspective. He believes that the international market on the Silk Road deserves attention and needs to concentrate on carrying forward the strength of the best furniture brands.

Throughout the furniture industry, there will always be a large number of furniture elites who are not smashed by the fierce winter, and they are eager to work hard in the market tide, and they are tireless and lay a more solid foundation for the future cause. As the driving force for the development of the industry, Mr. Li Jianhuang, the chairman of the company, was awarded the “2015 China Furniture Industry Person of the Year” for his outstanding contributions.

In 2000, Mr. Li Jianhuang was aware of the opportunity of the furniture industry, and with the enthusiasm for the furniture industry, he created a brand-name furniture brand. After 15 years of intensive cultivation, he successfully created the gold-plated signboard of “style furniture”. Since its establishment, Mr. Li Jianhuang has always insisted on soft-home-based products. In the context of the market segmentation trend becoming more and more mainstream, it is also focused on making fine, fine, and specialized efforts in enterprises. From the leather sofa of the year to the whole software series of mature leather sofas, fabric sofas, soft beds and corresponding supporting facilities, it has actively promoted the innovation and development of the industry after more than ten years of elaboration. Enrich the connotation and extension of the furniture industry culture.

On the other hand, "people-oriented" is the management philosophy that Mr. Li Jianhuang has been implementing. Encourage the development of employees to achieve the overall development of the individual, but also "customer-oriented", let customers feel the high-quality service throughout the pre-sales and after-sales process, so that they "buy comfortable, use with confidence." In addition, Mr. Li Jianhuang also actively undertakes corporate social responsibility, with the purpose of returning to his hometown and feeding back the society, and always provides selfless assistance for the education of his hometown.

In 2015, it was a year of profound changes in the Chinese furniture industry, and it was also a year in which the style gradually achieved a qualitative leap. From the very beginning, we will pay attention to the establishment of the brand, ensure the quality of the products, pay attention to the consumer experience and after-sales service, and commit to strictly follow the requirements of green products, strive for zero after-sales service, and protect consumers' health while paying attention to China and global environmental issues. They all reflect the vision and strategy of the style that leads the industry on high standards. 15 years of focus on quality and persistence, like the process of carefully polishing diamonds, every time honing and ingenious exercise, only to achieve the most shining light in the heights.

When the winter is cold, it is the time to open the gap. Throughout 2015, Yu Ge is a year of great harvest. "2015 Guangdong furniture industry's most valuable brand enterprises", "quality and environmental protection outstanding enterprises", "Chinese furniture green excellent products" and "Red Star Macalline recommended green leading brand" and many other awards one by one, each Behind the honors, there is a lot of people's sweat and hard work. Every time you climb the summit, there is extraordinary persistence and perseverance.

Dedicated to the horse, you can win thousands of miles! In 2016, the style will continue to write a new chapter in the home industry with more enthusiasm and firmer pace!

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