Study of the decoration of the study room design study room decoration

There is a living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, kitchen in a family, but everyone should not forget the design of the study, which allows us to study and work in it, so that there is a separate space for us to use, then the study What are the decoration picture designs? What are the precautions for the study decoration? If you want to know, let's take a look at the small series of the decoration home network.


First, the study of the study of the study

1. In the study room to arrange the space reasonably, there are usually three areas: in the work area, the commonly used things must be easily obtained. In the auxiliary area, you can arrange devices that are not commonly used, such as fax machines or printers. In the leisure area, you can arrange some entertainment projects, or make a meeting environment as needed, and adjust the pace of your work through some relaxing activities, such as playing the piano and watering the flowers. In short, the study should be a comfortable space, even if it is a job, it is a pleasant place.

2. Although it is a small study room in the corner of the room, pay attention to lighting and lighting. As a place for reading and writing, there is a high demand for lighting and lighting, so the workbench is placed in a sunny but not direct window, computer screen The problem of reflection is solved, and when you are tired of work, you can take a look at the window to rest your eyes.

3. The study is different from the studio. Because the study has an auxiliary area to complete a large number of storage functions, the desk for home work can open the shadow of the studio as much as possible, without having to follow the so-called standard size, and emphasize the comfort of the work surface. Some people like large countertops, depending on whether the area of ​​the room can be accommodated; some people prefer a desk with a strong decoration, depending on whether the style can be integrated into the environment; some people prefer a multi-functional desk, then consider the perimeter of the desk. The function.


Second, the study of the study of the study

1. The steps can't be wrong, because the mud work is wrong and it is super troublesome. You should first smash the wall of the raft, the wall of the slab is built, and the pipe of the bag is wrapped. Be sure to clear the wall at the time. The second step is to level the ground because it takes time to dry the cement. Don't be too thick when you hit the ground. Some of the shaved areas in the ground will be shaved and beaten. The tiling must be hung with a line sticker, horizontal and vertical, and the positive angle must be angled to look good.

2. The wind and water bathroom is a dirty place. The study room is used to study the work. It is linked to the career prospects. It is unlucky to use the dirty place like the bathroom to transform the study. The second study is a quiet environment and sufficient light. area, the house is now in the design of many would hide in the bathroom secretive place, and where the light air is not very good, if there is another bathroom remodel study there will be pipe insulation, floor drain gas cloud, etc., This kind of environment is really not suitable for the study.

The study is an indispensable part of our family, but the decoration is to have certain skills. Then, what are the precautions for the decoration design and the decoration of the study? Through the introduction of the above small series, everyone knows about it, then if If you want to know more about decoration, please stay tuned to the decoration home.

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