Spring decoration moisture is the key

Spring is a season for decoration. Facing the endless stream of promotional information on the market, quasi-owners often cannot resist temptation to dress up new homes, but spring air is always filled with sticky moisture and cannot be dispelled for a long time. This kind of weather has caused great obstacles to the decoration. If you want to rush to decorate in this season, then resisting the tidal invasion is a pressing issue in your current home improvement.

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Wooden floor

When it comes to home building materials in the wet weather mold deformation is the most powerful, must be the first row of wooden floors. Deformation of the floor includes cracks, crevices, arches, concaves, etc.

Countermeasures: Correctly laid VS correct maintenance

Xiao Bian Tips: wood floor itself is determined by the water absorption rate of water absorption, and the rebound rate of wood floor and its baking technology is directly related to the general manufacturers of products more reliable waterproof, if the solid wood floor, it is recommended to choose the best teak, heavy ants , balsam and other wood products containing heavier oil.


During the wet season, the paint is easy to mold, black, and odor. The performance of the paint is blistering, moldy discoloration, and mildew will cause the paint to form a film on the wall.

Countermeasures: Anti-mold agent VS dry weather construction

Xiao Bian Tip: If the wall has become mildew, you can use household bleach to mix clean water 1:3, wipe the wall with a rag; then wash with water, dry the wall after brushing anti-mold paint, you can long time Moisture protection. In addition, there is a convenient waterproof remedy for household use in the market. It only needs to spray with the insecticide to the gap on the wall of the leaking wall. It is very convenient to operate.

ceramic tile

If tiles are not well treated in the spring, the tiles will bounce or burst after the weather is dry. In addition, the joints and the adhesive layer of the tiles are very easy to seep, which can cause the inner wall to return to the tide.

Countermeasures: Take a look at the VS and stay away from water

Xiao Bian tips: In the pavement, the floor tiles, tiles, it is best to extend the treatment time of swelled water, so that it is fully close to the saturation state, to prevent adhesion of the cement due to water absorption in the paste is not solid hollow, falling phenomenon . In addition, when filling gaps between tiles, the optional mildew-proof, impermeability better than white cement mildew moisture-proof caulking agent, the price is not expensive, twenty or thirty dollars can buy a big bag.


In the rainy season, the wallpaper on the wall surface is prone to large areas of moldy or edging and blistering due to the dampness, which makes the original beautiful wallpapers become “horrible”.

Countermeasures: Wall waterproofing VS material process

Xiao Bian Tip: For PVC plastic surface wallpaper, if the surface is stained, you can use a wet towel and cleaning agent to gently scrub; For non-woven fabrics, suede wall cloth, gold foil wallpaper and plain paper, as far as possible in daily life do not touch , If there is dust available Feather duster light, if stains, professional decontamination liquid can be used, gently wipe with a clean towel.


Cabinets are usually made up of large and small cabinets and drawers. Once damp, the cabinet doors are most likely to be closed, and the panels are warped or moldy. Individual inferior materials will also crack.

Countermeasures: good quality plate VS waterproof design

Xiao Bian Tip: Currently on the market paint board, UV board, fire board, crystal board are the practice of the outer door, the same inside is the plate, waterproof performance are similar, unless the use of stainless steel and other metal or ceramic tile, etc., otherwise have easy Deformation and mildew. However, if it is stainless steel stained with salt, it is easy to rust, it should not use hard scouring pad, steel brush scrub, so as not to cause scratches and erosion.

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