Solar curtains can be folded for remote control

Solar curtains can be folded for remote control

In European and American countries, many residents choose to install a solar panel on the roof to provide green energy, but generally solar panels cannot be folded. At the high-tech fair, the flexible folding solar remote-controlled windows produced by Savotech Battery Power Co., Ltd. in the New District were highly sought after by many manufacturers and viewers.

It is understood that BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic) is a new concept of applying solar power generation. Simply put, solar photovoltaic power generation is installed on the outer surface of the building's maintenance structure to provide electricity. Since the combination of photovoltaic arrays and buildings does not occupy additional floor space, it is the best installation method for photovoltaic power generation systems widely used in cities, and therefore has attracted much attention.

With the global financial crisis, countries in Europe and the United States have gradually revised their photovoltaic policies, cut subsidies for large-scale centralized photovoltaic power plants, and leaned toward small-scale distributed power plants. Residents living in Europe and America are mostly independent villas, which are suitable for the installation and use of BIPV series products, especially solar remote control curtains. They can be installed directly outdoors, and can improve the efficiency of solar energy utilization more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Based on the needs of the market, Safter supported the guidance of the new energy policies of the country and Shenzhen and the industrial revitalization and development plan, stepped up research and development efforts, and successfully developed a flexible, collapsible solar remote control curtain. "The product adopts a flexible film structure, which can efficiently convert solar energy into electrical energy, store it in the battery, provide room LED lighting, and charge digital products." Jiang Shan introduced the said.

At the booth of the Fair in Guangming New District, the company’s principal Jiang Shan stated that flexible folding solar remote-controlled curtains are lightweight, long-life, safe, aesthetic, and translucent, which can effectively reduce module manufacturing costs. Improve the efficiency of photovoltaic modules.

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