Smart manufacturing has changed the trend of modified plastics companies how to deal with?

After years of rapid development, modified plastics have been widely used in many fields, and a number of domestic advanced enterprises have been born. But on the whole, China's modified plastics industry still lags behind international giants, especially in terms of intelligence. Therefore, China's modified plastics enterprises urgently need to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, optimize the entire manufacturing process, improve the quality of products and enhance market competitiveness, so as to narrow the gap with international giants.
According to the analysis of China's modified plastics industry production and sales demand and investment forecast analysis report, the modified plastics enterprises can start from the following six aspects in improving intelligent manufacturing:
1. Start with the overall planning of the factory. The intelligent plastics manufacturing upgrade is a system engineering, including factories, workshops, equipment, production lines and other levels. Therefore, in the process of intelligent manufacturing upgrade, it is necessary to start from the overall planning of the factory and optimize the various levels and links.
2. Make good use of automatic control equipment in key production links. The key aspects of the production of modified plastics include the combination and optimization of screw combination and the operation of automatic control equipment for batching and feeding extrusion. The use of intelligent equipment can improve efficiency and avoid production errors.
3. Visualization of the production process. After the intelligent upgrade, the personnel are greatly reduced, but a special person is required to observe the production process to prevent abnormal situations. At this time, it is necessary to visualize the production process to facilitate observation and monitoring by relevant personnel.
4. Online monitoring and monitoring during production. In order to improve the quality of the product, it is necessary to monitor the performance of the color difference, moisture, impact strength and other products in the production process, as well as real-time monitoring of temperature, pressure, speed and other parameters.
5. Establish a process database. By collecting, storing and analyzing data such as process parameters and equipment operating conditions, remote monitoring can be achieved, traceability of quality control can be guaranteed, and production processes can be predicted, optimized and controlled.
6. Establish a workshop-level industrial Internet. Through the interconnection of various systems, the integration in the production process is realized, and the production mode of the modified plastic is fundamentally changed, thereby maximizing the efficiency.
In summary, when manufacturing smart plastics, it is necessary to start from the aspects of resource allocation, process optimization, process control, quality control, data management, etc., and indeed improve the level of intelligence.

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