Several commonly used biological pesticide types and efficient and safe application techniques

1 Common biological pesticide types 1) Bt emulsion. Good emulsifying performance and wide spectrum of insecticides. The main control objects include pine caterpillars, corn borer, cotton bollworm, armyworm, rice leaf roller, tea caterpillar and so on.
Bt emulsion is a kind of stomach poison. After eating, the insect can produce a special enzyme. This enzyme can decompose a kind of protein in the intestine of the insect, make the intestinal perforation of the insect, and the intestines flow into the body cavity, and finally die of sepsis. When using, the temperature should be above 15 °C, generally 20 °C is appropriate, the application time should be 2 to 3 days earlier than the application of chemical pesticides.
2) Penicillium and Acaricidal bacteria. The cabbage caterpillar eats the leaves with the green worm, and the intestinal wall will perforate quickly and become a group of mud and die. Acaricidal bacteria are used to control rice leaf roller and rice mites, and can also control pests such as flies, mosquitoes, armyworms, pine caterpillars, white ants, and rice borers.
3) Beauveria bassiana. It has special effects on the control of pine caterpillars and rice pests. After contact with the pests, the white fungus liquid enters the pest through the body wall, and quickly germinates the mycelium, absorbing the body fluid of the pest, causing the pest to become stiff and dead.
4) Jinggangmycin. There are special effects in controlling rice sheath blight. Inhibition of rice sheath blight hyphae, effective for up to 15 ~ 20d, resistant to rain erosion, non-toxic to human and animal safety.
5) Agricultural antibiotics and plant antibiotics. The antibiotics used in production include chrysanthemum, gentamicin, polymycin, oxytetracycline, griseofulvin, actinomycin and streptomycin. For example, Nongkang 120 is a new type of agricultural antibiotic, which has good control effect on powdery mildew of melon, fruit, vegetables, flowers, wheat, tobacco and rice sheath and wheat.
2 Efficient application technology 2.1 It takes a certain time for pesticides to be sprayed on plants to insects to feed or contact with bacteria. From feeding pests to death, a process is also needed, which is susceptible to external influences during this period. The most important factors are temperature, humidity, light and wind. When applying, try to avoid strong light, such as better use after 4:00 pm; apply powder under breeze, the effect is best.
2.2 The biocide will only work if it is in the best conditions required. On the one hand, it is necessary to increase the amount of sprayed medicinal water in arid areas, resulting in a high-humidity environment that is prone to the survival and reproduction of microbial spores; on the other hand, some specific high-molecular substances and substances that increase the viscosity of the solution can be added to the preparation. Such as starch sputum bone glue, grass ash leaching solution, etc., to avoid rapid drying, thereby improving the use of biological pesticides.
2.3 See the insect pests at different developmental stages of resistance to biological insecticides, such as cabbage caterpillars can be divided into eggs, larvae, cockroaches, moths in four development stages, egg-shell protection in the egg stage, carcass protection in the flood season, Older larvae are protected by thicker waxy layers, and the insects have wings to fly. Therefore, only when the young larvae are selected for application, the effects of biological pesticides can be fully exerted. In addition, different types of bio-insecticides should be used according to the feeding characteristics of pests. For example, Bt has a good effect on lepidopteran pests. After spraying, it is distributed on the surface of plants, causing pests to feed or die to die, but sucking juice. Invalid pests (such as mites): avermectin works very well on sputum.
2.4 Looking at the high cost of production of mechanical biological pesticides, the drug use technology should be optimized. It is imperative to use high-performance spraying machinery. If sprayed by mist, the nozzles sprayed with the fan-shaped air nozzles will be small and uniform, which will reduce the potential drift of the spray and make the smaller droplets spray to the expected. Target leaves, thereby improving the efficacy of biological pesticides and reducing production costs.
2.5 See the dosage form according to the control object, meteorological conditions and the period of use, and correctly select the dosage form to achieve the maximum control effect. For example, the powder can be dispersed in a large range by means of air buoyancy and wind, so that it has greater contact with pests. For pests with a large amount of edible leaves, such as cabbage caterpillar, a method of spraying a wettable powder with water to form a suspension can be used. Ok, and the effect of using the dusting method is worse. Capsules not only have a long-term effect, but also protect the pathogens from environmental factors, and can be used in greenhouses.
2.6 Look at the variety of bio-insecticides, the specificity is very strong, the insecticidal spectrum is not wide, such as Bt is effective against lepidopteran larvae, but the leafhopper of the same wing is not fatal, and its different strains are important for several There are also differences in the control of pests. Therefore, suitable biopesticide varieties should be selected in a targeted manner for different target pests.
2.7 According to the migratory characteristics of pests, according to the migratory characteristics of pests, biopesticide should also be used in combination with high-efficiency, low-toxicity and low-residue chemical pesticides, because the addition of low-dose chemical pesticides to bio-pesticides can reduce pests. The resistance creates conditions for the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms, and at the same time, the pests are infected by pathogenic microorganisms, which reduces the resistance to chemical pesticides, thereby enhancing synergy.

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