Several common ways of remote monitoring

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] 1. Analog camera + video card (computer) This method has been used more in the past few years because the price is more affordable. Generally use the free domain name resolution service. Few people use it now. The main reason is that the compression ratio is not high, it can't be done in real time, and the bandwidth requirements are high, coupled with the impact of new products in recent years and the loss of price advantage. Now it is necessary to have a computer as the host.
Remote monitoring
2, analog camera + DVR (DVR) This method is still used by many people, because it does not need a computer to do the monitoring host compared with the first method. And easy to store. Especially for small-scale monitoring systems such as shops and factories where monitoring points are concentrated.
3, analog camera + network video server (DVS) DVS is a new generation of network video encoding equipment, its better network adaptability and centralized management capabilities are sought after by the market. Especially large-scale monitoring system projects, such as safe city, large factories, residential areas, etc. Compared to DVRs, the only downside is that a single device can support fewer cameras than DVRs.
4. IPcamera is an emerging surveillance camera in the past two years. The network camera completely escapes the constraints of analog monitoring, and has the advantages of good scalability, strong centralized management capability, and low construction cost. And the network camera can also be transmitted in the WIFI wireless network. It is the most popular remote monitoring device in the market. Suitable for any location. Especially the remote management of branches, family care, etc. However, in some of the more concentrated small monitoring sites, their price is less competitive. It is believed that with the maturity of the market and technology, the network camera will definitely monitor the market.

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