Second-hand housing decoration 7 points can not be refused to simply surface work

Second-hand housing renovation is more time-consuming and laborious than rough housing. If you want to put on brand-new effects, then some processes can never be saved: for example, aging hydropower lines, concealed works, doors and windows, old floors, floor tiles, etc., if only surface The whitewash, the brushing of the walls, the change of new furniture, then the table of the golden jewels, and it is not so comfortable to live.

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First, the aging water pipe must be replaced

The existing waterway pipelines of second-hand housing often have many unreasonable layouts. During the renovation, the original waterway must be thoroughly inspected to see if it is rusted or aged. If the original pipeline uses a galvanized pipe that has been eliminated, it must be replaced by a copper pipe, an aluminum-plastic composite pipe or a PP-R pipe during construction. For example, before decorating the bathroom, first stop the floor drain, put water about 5 centimeters deep and test it. If it leaks, you must redo the waterproof work. At the same time, it should be noted that no dead corner can be left after construction.

Second, the circuit can not be transformed

Second-hand housing generally has the phenomenon of simple circuit distribution, aging of electric wires, illegal wiring, and so on, which can no longer meet the electricity demand of modern households. Therefore, it must be completely rebuilt and rewired during the renovation. If it is found that the original line is an aluminum wire, it must be replaced with a 2.5 mm square section of copper wire. For the installation of air-conditioning and other high-power appliances, a 4 mm square section of the line should be set up separately, and a PVC insulated conduit should be used when embedding.

In addition, the new national standard stipulates that the number of fixed sockets in civilian houses should not be less than 12, but there are still many existing second-hand housing outlets that do not meet this standard, if a large number of mobile sockets are used, when the current load When it is increased, the mobile socket will cause abnormally high temperatures due to poor contact, thus burying hidden dangers for electric shock and electrical fire accidents.

Third, "hidden project" to open again

At present, a large part of the quality problems in home decoration is caused by the improper construction of “hidden projects”. What is a "hidden project"? In the construction process sequence, the work of the previous process is over, and the site that will be covered by the next one and cannot be inspected is called a "hidden project." Therefore, in the second-hand housing renovation, we must pay special attention to "hidden projects." For example, whether the pipelines, lines, and equipment of various facilities such as water supply, air conditioning, and ventilation in the ceiling have been subjected to closed tests and electrical insulation and resistance tests, whether the connection is firm, whether the joint practices meet the requirements, and whether the flammable materials have been fire-resistant. Combustion treatment and so on are all within the scope of “hidden projects” and are no longer inspectable after the first installation. Industry insiders suggest that when the old house is renovated, reopening these areas is a good opportunity to eliminate hidden dangers. The owners must strictly inspect and remove the “hidden projects” left over from the past.

Fourth, three "face" transformation is essential

During renovation, renovation of the wall, floor and ceiling of second-hand housing is the most easily overlooked. Experts suggest that it is best for professionals to conduct field surveys of the houses to see if there are any obvious cracks, if they are flat, there is no shedding, and there is sand . If these conditions exist, repairs must be carried out, including the removal of wall-fouling, powdered wall paints, etc., and the use of cement mortar to repair foundations, cracks, and holes. In addition, the primer should be covered with a primer after the repair, so that the base layer can be firmly secured. Secondly, changes in the base layer due to efflorescence and moisture can be prevented in the future, and then the latex can be diluted with a proportional dilution. During the construction, attention shall be paid to the cleanliness of the air at the scene, and dust protection shall be provided. The tool shall be free of debris.

Fifth, carefully consider the update of windows and doors

Aging doors and windows is also a prominent issue in second-hand housing, but if the material is strong, and you also like its style, in general, as long as the repainting can be a new look, but if the following problems arise, you must remove the redo, the main The question depends on whether the wooden doors and windows are skinned and deformed. If so, it indicates that the characteristics of the wood itself have changed and must be replaced. In addition, the surface of steel doors and windows falling off, the main body rust or cracking, in addition to unsafe, it is difficult to restore the original state, in order to not affect the use of results, experts suggest that should be removed to redo.

Six, second-hand housing to be completely disinfected

Before decorating a second-hand house, a 24-hour to 48-hour water storage leak test should be conducted on the bathroom and kitchen to check how well the original waterproofing project is done. If there is no water leakage, it proves that the waterproof treatment is done well; if there is a leak The phenomenon must be re-waterproof. After the waterproof treatment is finished, wait for the ground to completely dry out, then lay the tiles and perform the overall renovation. Moreover, when the toilet is changed, the waterproof treatment of the position of the toilet should be done well. When designing and decorating the top of the toilet, attention should be paid to convenient disassembly, which will facilitate future inspection and maintenance.

Seven, pay attention to three points when dismantling old tiles

1. When smashing wall tiles and floor tiles, avoid clogging of sewers with debris;

2. Handle waterproofing. Use as little elbow as possible to avoid water flow or blockage.

3. Minimize the use of wood panels, most of the wood products contain formaldehyde, affect health, and the wood will be deformed due to the weather moisture, and wood products are also higher manual costs.

Renovating a second-hand house is an essential step that must be thoroughly disinfected. It can be sprayed with 3% lyosol, 1%-3% bleach water, or 3% peroxy acetic acid solution. Sprinkle doors and windows 1 hour after spilling.

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