Scientific fertilization of high-yield eggplant in greenhouse

Apply 60 kg of organic fertilizer per mu to the base fertilizer. If the old shed can reduce the application amount, add 20-30 kg of potassium sulfate. Organic fertilizers and potash fertilizers should be fully applied and then turned into the soil. It is important to note that organic fertilizers must be fully decomposed, preferably with a professional starter.

In the strong seedling stage, more phosphorus fertilizer is applied in the seedling stage, which can lead to early results. 9 square meters of seedbed can be applied to sieved decomposed organic fertilizer 200 kg, superphosphate and potassium sulfate each 0.5 kg; when eggplant seedlings grow to 4 to 5 true leaves, if the lower leaves are lighter, can be sprayed 0.1%~0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate or urea, which can ensure the cultivation of strong seedlings.

When the “fruit egg” reaches the “eye-opening period”, the fruit begins to grow rapidly, and the whole plant enters the period of fruit growth. The stems and leaves also began to grow vigorously, requiring an increase in the amount of fertilizer. At this time, the first top dressing, called the fruit fertilizer, is the key fertilization period. The amount of fruit fertilizer is applied, 30~40 kg of ammonium sulfate per acre, or 15~20 kg of urea, applied by acupoints or ditch, covered with soil after application, and watered.

When the big fat is "expanded", the fruit is swollen. When the "four-door" begins to develop, it is the peak period of eggplant fertilizer. At this time, the second top dressing is carried out, that is, the big fat is swollen. Mainly available nitrogen fertilizer, combined with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, but also pay attention to the leaf surface with calcium, boron, zinc and other medium and trace element fertilizers. Combined with watering, 1000 mu of decomposed dilute urine or 20-30 kg of diammonium phosphate is applied per mu.

After the second top dressing of the layer of fertilizer, 10 days before the last harvest, when each layer of fruit begins to expand, it will be chased once every 10 days or so, and 5~6 times of fertilizer will be chased. Fertilizer and dilute urine are best used alternately.

Foliar spray fertilizer starts from the fruiting period, and can apply 0.2%~0.3% urea, 0.2%~0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 0.1%~0.2% magnesium sulfate and other fertilizers according to the growth potential. Usually 7 to 10 days, even spray 2 to 3 times.

The biological bacterial fertilizer has not only a large amount of nitrogen-fixing, phosphorus-dissolving and potassium-dissolving active bacteria, but also organic matter, humic acid and trace elements. Combined with other fertilizers, it can not only save fertilizer use, but also solve problems such as soil compaction and increase of soil microbial content.
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