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I believe that many people switch off their TVs and watch computers every day. With the gradual development of science and technology, people’s preference for electronic products has gradually increased.

According to the latest report released by the China Internet Network Information Center, as of June last year, the number of Chinese netizens has reached 632 million, and at least 530 million people have not left the plane and never left the screen. In addition, other screen-dependent PC users have almost 600 million screens. slave".

Anytime, anywhere, "looking down" has almost become the "signature movement" of modern people. And we should worry more about whether our eyesight and eye health will face enormous risks in the long run. Because of this, we face the colorful screens and face the harmful light that will not harm our eyes all of the time. We should be aware of the importance of eye protection.

The reporter learned that more than half of the "screen eyes" often feel dry pain, and gradually suffer from varying degrees of eye diseases such as decreased vision, cataracts, and blindness. The three major diseases that were originally only among the middle-aged and elderly people led to blind eye diseases: cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Today, more and more young people are gradually suffering from the three major eye diseases. We must recognize that It is: The eye health crisis is about to erupt. The World Health Organization WHO Eyefulness Association has issued a report in 2008 when it caused blindness of 30,000 people worldwide each year due to blue light radiation. The association also issued an orange warning at the end of 2009: “The potential threat to humans from blue radiation will far exceed the destructiveness of Sudan Red, melamine, SARS, and HINI, virtually engulfing human eyes.”


Taizhou Guotai Safety Protective Products Co., Ltd., which focuses on eye and face protection for more than 30 years in China, has developed blue-ray lenses for radiation-proof and blue-ray goggles developed specifically for “screen eyes”. It can effectively relieve dry eyes, soreness, and visual problems. Model syndrome and other computer syndromes. Suitable for long-term office workers who use computers, like reading newspapers to read newspapers and e-sports online game enthusiasts.

Taizhou Guotai Safety Protective Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1979. It used to be Xinqiao Labor Insurance Products Factory in Luqiao District, Taizhou City. The company's main products are: Impact eye protectors, welding eye protectors, welding filters, dust masks, antivirus Masks, various noise-reducing earplugs, earmuffs, and various styles of dust-proof glasses, helmets, and other face protection safety products, the products have been approved by the State Safety Production Supervision Bureau and the State Administration of Quality Supervision, and obtained safety production licenses respectively. Industrial product licenses, products are exported to the United States, Britain, Japan and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

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