Putzmeister at the BMW show grand launch of the pump (Figure)

Putin Meister Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. held a press conference on the M58 concrete pump truck press conference at Room E2-M23, Shanghai New International Expo Center, at 13:30 on November 25, 2010 at 13:30. Users and media representatives from across the country listened attentively to the relevant Putzmeister personnel. In addition to introducing the new product M58-5 concrete pump truck to the guests, this meeting also introduced the case of its classic products such as the TB110G telescopic belt conveyor truck, and also introduced the detailed case introduction The high-rise pumping scheme used in the construction of Burj Khalifa, where Putzmeister participated. Product launch site According to reports, as a large range of new multi-functional fabric boom truck, we can easily find M58-5 concrete pump truck products have the following characteristics: * The use of fourth-generation EPS intelligent pumping system, Lower fuel consumption, less emissions, leading the low-carbon era. · RZ folding flexible 5-arm boom · Lower opening height (12.3 m) in the 50-meter class · Innovative TRDV-style leg for narrow spaces · Maximum displacement of 148 m³ per hour, Type S ( BSF) diverter valve • DN125 double pipe • 5-axle chassis with powerful, smooth and reliable • OSS unilateral support system for large construction sites and narrow construction areas Putzmeister Pump M49 at BAUAM Of Putzmeister Booths TB110G Telescopic Conveyor Belt, a new concept for large aggregates, generous volume transport Features: Car Telescopic Conveyor can not only transport large aggregate or dry concrete, but also suitable for conveying stones, Grit, soil and other materials. Whether in the water conservancy construction, airport construction, road construction, venue construction, housing construction and earthwork, etc., the vehicle-mounted belt conveyor can provide energy-efficient construction program. From an economic point of view, taking concrete delivery as an example, customers may be able to use large aggregate, low-slump concrete due to the low requirement of concrete for automotive retractable belt conveyors; The cost of cement and gravel, as well as the cost of additives, can have huge economic benefits with the use of an on-board telescopic belt conveyor. Putzmeister Fixed Fabric MX30-3 At BaumaChina 2010, Putzmeister also exhibited 36m, 49m Concrete Pumps, Trailer 2109HPD, Fixed Fabric MX30-3, as well as from India A product of the tow pump BSA1004D. In the future, Putzmeister will continue to penetrate the Chinese market, using its own advantages to provide a series of concrete conveying equipment to China's construction users.