Purpose and Characteristics of 2CG High Temperature Gear Oil Pump

2CG-type high temperature gear pump purposes: for the residue, coal tar, floor oil, foam materials and additives such as medium transport, pressure, glass, foam, building materials, chemical construction, petroleum, grain and oil industry ideal delivery pressure equipment. 2CG high temperature gear pump applications: mainly used for conveying a variety of poor lubrication, containing fine particles of the media, the temperature does not exceed 200 ℃, the viscosity is not greater than 1500cst. 2CG high temperature gear pump structural features: 1, high temperature gear pump mainly by the pump, pump cover, gear, shaft, bearings, and seals and other components. 2, high temperature gear pump three bodies of cast iron, cast steel; gear, shaft with special steel, the surface hardness of up to HRC60, with strong wear resistance.

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