Precautions for selecting smooth oil for linear bearings

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Precautions for selecting smooth oil for linear bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-11-18

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A suitable smooth oil can reduce the conflicting force by 50%, help to minimize the wear of the bearing bush, reduce the heat inside the bearing and will slightly improve the speed of the bearing.
For external smoothing of linear bearings; be sure to use PBC's following recommended products. These include Mobil Vactra No. 2 smooth oil, any standard 3-in-1 smooth oil, the most versatile light oil and low viscosity oil. Smooth oil.
If you want to use smooth oil; you should apply a thin layer; in this way, the bearing can work normally. On the contrary; if the linear bearing is coated with smooth oil like a ball bearing; it will add conflict and stick-slip motion problems.
Do not use WD-40® or similar hair spray smoothing oil. The tightness of the spray will leave a gel residue; it will cause long-term stick-slip motion problems and add bearing conflict. Do not use PTFE. Spray, fluorocarbon; or any silicone product. Do not use smooth oil with molybdenum filling or other fillers. Do not use any motor smoothing oil with additives. These smooth oils can be used for a short period of time; but for long periods of time; conflicts will be added And sticky slip motion puzzles.

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