Play the leading role of the CBN Knife Abrasives Research Institute

At present, there are many domestic CBN material manufacturers, and the output is also quite a lot, but the quality is not much, and the CBN knife (grinding) has fewer stable users. The main reason is that the mechanical processing department lacks the knowledge of the selection and use of expensive CBN knives. The purchased CBN tools are not effective, and under the conditions of economic contraction, they are not easy to invest in process testing. In order to solve this problem, only the CBN Knife Institute has taken the initiative to go deep into the manufacturing unit of mechanical manufacturing, select the weak link of production efficiency and quality, and has the point of having or easy to create CBN processing conditions, and negotiate with the user. Signed a joint development CBN application contract. The tool development unit is responsible for providing the CBN knife (grinding) for testing free of charge. The user is responsible for providing the tissue production test under the conditions required for the test. This has exerted a lot of enthusiasm. From CBN quality selection to tool manufacturing, it will be carried out at the optimal and fastest speed. From the preparation of test conditions to the use of the user, the user can see the achievement of the target value of the contract and solve it without spending the test fee. Production problems are easy to promote. The tool institutes can also gradually recover profits in future supply. As long as the two sides maintain mutual benefit and mutual benefit, the cooperative relationship will be further consolidated. Our factory has developed many new technologies with many research institutes in this way.

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