Plastic rotor flowmeter main application

What are the main applications of plastic rotor flowmeters, and how are products properly selected and installed? What are the characteristics of the product? The main part of the cone tube is made of AS, ABS plastic, which has the characteristics of reasonable structure, small volume, light weight and difficult to break the cone tube. Its installation and connection can be divided into four types: plug connection, welded connection, screw connection and flange connection. Before installation, the smooth support in the instrument should be gently removed with the tool needle-nosed pliers, and then re-installed. When installing, pay attention to whether the rubber ring is installed in the groove of the nozzle to prevent water leakage. Deviation of these conditions from the flowmeter in use will create additional errors. Fully developed turbulent velocity profiles, vortex-free, velocity-axisymmetric distributions, and steady flow in the fluid flow characteristics of the field are often difficult to meet, and they will cause measurement errors. It is difficult to quantitatively determine how much to increase, and sometimes it is necessary to pay close attention to the flow characteristics in the field.
Although plastic rotor flowmeters have matured today, their types are still extremely numerous. There is no flowmeter suitable for any occasion, and each flowmeter has its application range and limitations. This requires us: When choosing a meter, be sure to be familiar with both the instrument and the object under test, and take into account other factors, so that the measurement will be accurate. Of course, with the development of technology and the needs of practical applications, more new flowmeters will continue to emerge, and the types of flowmeters will be more complete, and should be more cautious when choosing.
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