Paint transport requires high water paint replacement market

High paint transport requirements Water paint replacement market

With the rapid development of China’s economy and chemical industry and the increasing use of hazardous chemicals by people in various fields, the demand for road transport of dangerous chemicals and the volume of transportation have increased year by year. The paint industry occupies the entire economic development cycle. An increasingly important position. From the transportation, storage, and use of paint, every link is related to the normal development of the entire chain. In particular, paint transport plays an increasingly important role for users. Different paint types have different requirements for their transportation. It is the operator's basic skill requirements to ascertain the performance of each paint in the transportation process.

Currently the author has learned about the most common and controversial two paint types: paint and water paint. Due to its own characteristics, paints have resulted in a significant reduction in their safety factor and the transport conditions are quite demanding. The paint contains a lot of highly flammable substances such as benzene, **, xylene, **, and water. If you are careless in the process of transportation, it will lead to irreversible situation. This problem is also a concern for transporters during transportation.

Secondly, because of its flammability characteristics, the paint has been listed among the dangerous goods by the state. The road transport permit for dangerous goods is required for transportation. Otherwise, heavy penalties will be imposed during the transportation process. However, it is difficult for individuals to handle the road transport permit for dangerous goods. Very large.

Due to the above reasons, the transportation of paint has been plunged into difficulties and it is difficult to operate. Some of the entrepreneurs who had previously carried out paint distribution have entered a closed and desperate situation.

In contrast to the inconvenience of paint, another characteristic of the paint field, the water paint, has made people shine.

Water lacquer uses water as a dissolving agent, which determines its own characteristics of incombustibility and non-explosion. Its advantage in transportation safety is evident:

First, the composition of water paint itself is safer than paint. Among the constituent materials of water paint, about 40% of the components are mainly water, and contain no flammable or explosive substances. Even if placed in a high-temperature environment, the water in the water paint will only volatilize, will not burn, and will volatilize. The water does not form toxic gases and combustible gases.

Second, the state has always supported the use of water paint. When water paint had just emerged, very few people could make a detailed screening of the nature and composition of water paints and paints. Until 2009 to 2010, the relevant state departments reached an agreement through repeated communication and expert demonstrations. The transportation department will incorporate certain products, such as water-based paint products, into the road transport exemption conditionally and make it as convenient as possible for the enterprise.

In view of the various performances of paints and water paints, people unconsciously turned their attention from paint to water paint and switched to the water paint market, coupled with the green, safe and reliable characteristics that water paints exhibit during use. Let people recognize the water paint unprecedented heights.

As an advocate of the domestic water paint industry, Chenyang Water Paint has been deeply involved in the industry for 17 years and has always been committed to “environmentally friendly and healthy water paint products”. Water paint is the best alternative to paint. Driven by the corporate social responsibility, Chenyang Water Paint has begun to take advantage of the trend of demand for such markets and consumers. On the one hand, it builds brand effect through the accumulation of science and technology “potential energy” for many years, leading the industrial upgrading of the paint industry. The trend of consumption upgrade.

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