[Original] crazy market! Strongly pulled up 80 yuan, the market can still rise!

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Yesterday night trading futures rebar strong rose 80 yuan. Up to 3,758 yuan, it is crazy. Looking at the night market trend, all the way to sing! Let us look at the reasons behind it?

Yesterday night

Futures rebar main contract 1810 closed at 3751 yuan, up 80 yuan, or 2.18%

Futures hot volume main 1810 contract closed at 3933 yuan, up 48 yuan, or 1.42%

What are the factors supporting steel prices?:

Environmental factors

1. With the approval of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the Central Third Environmental Protection Inspector Group stationed in Heilongjiang Province on the 30th to carry out environmental protection inspectors. This means that the first batch of central environmental protection inspectors "returned to see" officially launched. In the next few days, the inspection team will be stationed in Hebei, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other provinces.

2. According to the Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Committee, the province has maintained a high-pressure situation of cracking down on “strip steel” for more than a year to prevent its resurgence. Up to now, a total of 20 “strip steel” enterprises have been discovered, and 143 medium-frequency furnace equipments have been dismantled, with a production capacity of about 2.8 million tons.

3. Recently, the Chengdu Municipal Office of Air Pollution Prevention and Control Leading Group issued the notice request for the 2018 summer ozone pollution prevention and control action plan of Chengdu, strengthening the thermal power generation, glass production, cement production industry and 20t/h (or 14MW) and The above boilers shall be regulated by NOx emissions to achieve compliance with standards; for enterprises that have not achieved emission standards, they shall be restricted or discontinued according to law. The plan also requires that from June to August, the cement production line should be stopped at the peak of the kiln, and the peak kiln time should be no less than 30 days.

Inventory factor

Demand for building materials rebounded slightly, and hot coil stocks continued to be low

National statistical warehouse inventory of building materials: 4.249 million tons, a decrease of 393,000 tons from the previous week, down 8.5%;

Building materials nationwide statistics of 63 building materials steel plant inventory: 1.709 million tons, a decrease of 47,000 tons last week, down 2.7%;

The volume of hot-rolled national statistical warehouses was 1.519 million tons, a decrease of 46,000 tons from the previous week, down 3.0%.

Steel mill

Steel mills around the world have raised prices, pushing up the price of steel

East China

1. Nangang: The thread is raised by 40 yuan/ton;

2, Yuhua: thread, wire, plate screw up 30 yuan / ton;

3, Fangda: thread, high line, plate screw up 20 yuan / ton;

4, Laiwu Yongfeng: thread, high line, snail up 30 yuan / ton;

5, Ma Steel: thread, high line, plate screw up 50 yuan / ton;

6, the Yangtze River: thread, screw snail up 50 yuan / ton;

7, Shi Heng: thread, screw snail up 30 yuan / ton;

8, Wuyuan: thread up 30 yuan / ton;

North China

1. Jinsteel: The thread, wire and plate screw are raised by 30 yuan/ton;

2, Changzhi: thread, wire, plate screw up 30 yuan / ton;

3. Dedication: All areas of rebar and snails are raised by RMB 20/ton;

4, Yaxin: thread, high line, screw snail up 20 yuan / ton;


1. Kunming Steel: The thread, wire and plate screw are raised by 30 yuan/ton;

2, Shuigang: (Guiyang) wire, plate screw up 30 yuan / ton;

Generally speaking: from the aspects of environmental protection, policy, steel mill, inventory, and demand, all of them are factors of bullishness. The long-term funds are full of confidence, and the market is expected to rise. However, it will rise. The too fast has also laid the groundwork for a rapid decline, the future will fall more fierce, it is recommended not to chase up!

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