Olive core carving maintenance measures

Olive carving is a magical art, it is a kind of magical technique. The olive nucleus that was abandoned by people will become a living art in the hands of the engraver. Good olive carvings also have a good collection value. Since olive carvings can be upgraded to art, their value can be seen in different ways. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the nuclear carving works in order to retain its charm.

First, anti-cracking

Cracking is a phenomenon that is easy to occur in the olive nucleus. The principle of cracking is that the humidity inside the nucleus is not uniform with the outside of the nucleus. The olive nucleus usually consists of three lobes, and the three lobes are separated from each other with a nucleolus between each petal. After engraving the work, the nucleolus was removed, which formed three empty pockets. The humidity inside the capsule and the humidity outside the core should be balanced. If the inside is high and the outside is low, if the difference is very different, the inside of the core will expand outward and the surface of the core will shrink inward, which will crack. To prevent cracking, the following points should be noted:

1, sunscreen. Long-term direct sunlight or high-temperature light will cause cracking.

2, waterproof. The olive nucleus works into the water or scrubbed with water. The air sac evaporates slowly after entering the water, and the outer surface evaporates quickly, causing the inner and outer swell to crack. If you are in the water, you can put a loose knot in the food storage bag, let the water evaporate slowly, and avoid drying quickly.

3, the wind blows. Wind blowing is one of the important causes of cracking, especially in the northern regions, where short-term wind blowing can easily blow the nucleus.

4, placed in a warm air-conditioned environment, the use of heating (or warm air conditioning) in winter, indoor (inside the car) is very dry, the olive core will be cracked for a long time in the hood environment. If you use a humidifier to humidify in a heated environment, it will not crack.

5, winter can not be placed in the underwear pocket. People wear more clothes in the winter, and many collectors tend to put the olive core works in the underwear pocket "collection", which is easy to crack. The reason is that people's body temperature has a "baking" effect, and the underwear pocket is very dry. It is not easy to crack in the outer pocket when it is winter.

Second, prevent "flowers"

A beautiful olive art, in addition to the high craftsmanship, the material is also very particular, that is, the natural color of the material should be balanced, if the color is uneven, the color depth is the "flower point." The appearance of "flowers" will reduce the artistic effect. Many "flower spots" are produced the day after tomorrow. When the surface of the nucleus is dirty, some collectors often use edible oil brushes. It is ok to use a brush, but not much oil. If the amount of oil is too much, the oil accumulated in the deep recess will not be rubbed off, and in the future, a dark brown "flower spot" will be formed, making the whole work unsightly. The correct way to clean is to put a few drops of oil or olive oil on the brown brush. The amount of oil should be less. After brushing, brush it again with a brown brush that does not drop oil, and spread the oil brush in the deep recess. Finally, use a soft cotton cloth or paper towel to dry and wipe off the oil.

Third, prevent falling

The nuclear sculpture art is small and very delicate. When it accidentally falls to the ground, the characters often fall off the nose and ears. The nuclear boat pieces fall off the bow and the stern. The scenery pieces fall off the corner of the pavilion. A beautiful piece of art has become a waste. Therefore, take care to drop the ground!

Fourth, often in the hands of the disk to play

Olive-core art is generally divided into furnishings (such as nuclear boats), pendants, and string pieces. Pendants and string pieces should be played frequently. The palm of the hand will secrete sweat and fatty substances. When you touch it, you can make the surface of the nucleus become a deep red color, and the more you play, the more lustrous it will become. To this extent, the "worth" doubles, and the mechanical polishing process can not produce the artistic effect of the cover.

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