Observe the decoration consumption traps and misunderstandings to safeguard their rights and interests

For many first-time homeowners, you have to keep a close eye when dealing with decoration companies and building material distributors. If you are concerned that you are exposed as a rookie, it is not necessary. Although consumers are careful and careful, but in the process of home improvement, they often encounter such or other complaints of rights disputes. Xiaobian will give you a quote about the common quotation pitfalls for decoration quotes, as well as the misunderstanding of renovation construction, so that Better safeguard their own consumer rights.

Decoration common quote four traps

Pitfall 1: Fuzzy Quotations and Process Description Quotations provided by the decoration company should clearly express the dimensions, process practices, materials (including brands and models) and unit price of each part. For example, the number of square meters of the cabinet is calculated according to the orthographic projection, or calculated according to the expanded area, the level of the decorative panel, what kind of material is used inside the cabinet, whether it includes hinges, handles, rails, and other hardware; whether the overall quotation is Including the processing of some basic projects, such as wall eradication and wall equality.

The expert reminds: Ask the designer and the decoration company to ask them to clearly mark each process link in the quotation. It is best to attach a detailed description of what is contained in each part and what is not included.

Trap 2: To reduce the price of malicious quotes, owners look at quotations often only concerned about whether the total price is appropriate, and ignore some specific items on the quotation. Therefore, it is easy for the decoration company to take advantage of the loopholes and maliciously miss some items to create an illusion that the overall price is cheap, such as missing the door pockets, window covers and other items, and then to the owners when the construction, when the owners have to increase, The end result is often the end of the renovation only to find that it costs more than the offer.

Decoration trap

The expert reminds: The owner must read carefully after getting the quotation. At the same time, you should inform the designer of your detailed requirements before the quotation. In addition to the estimated total cost, you must also tell the designer the amount of increase or decrease that you can afford. In general, the increase or decrease of the engineering part is controlled at about 10%. it is good. This will, to a certain extent, limit the quotation made by the designer and avoid unnecessary overspending in the future.

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 pile driver size :600mm,750mm,800mm long 

60mm or 75mm outer diameter 
pvc coated or hot dip galvanized 

EPE wrapped then in cartons 

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Light Duty Diameter (MM): 75mm; Length (MM): 600mm ; 750mm; 800mm etc.

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Packing: EPE wrapped then in cartons



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Products can be customized made according to your drawing or sample etc.

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Pile Driver

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